It is a very difficult task to keep the brain present in today’s busy life, when there are many tasks and responsibilities waiting for you, such as forgetting things or becoming mentally absent is a common problem.This situation can also occur when a person is suffering from various mental and mental complications for a long time. Likewise, depressing permanent depressionalso reduces brain performance, so we start to appear deprived of mental illness.Leading expert Dr. Shayla Javed Akram describes the brain very useful and useful for making and keeping the brain. According to them breakfast before going outside home is an easy way to keep the mind active.According to Dr. Shayla, no breakfast should be left in any part of the age and it should be an integral part of your life.According to Experts, when we wake up with 8 to 10 hours sleep, then our mind is slow.If we start mental brain without reaching the energy, then it will cause the brain to become slower and weakened, so leave the house and make a breakfast before goingto office or any work.According to Dr. Shayla, use the meals of carbohydrates and protein in breakfast, such as bread, bananas, serials, eggs, milk and dairy.Breakfast should be avoided by eating artificial sweet, spicy or greasy foods that can only increase weight but cannot deliver any kind of energy to the brain.Similarly, the use of fruit is also beneficial in breakfast. Breakfast will serve you mental and physical energy using apple, banana or gray flour.Earlier, a research was told that chocolate food in breakfast can also increase mentalcapacity and reduce weight. Chocolate eating in the morning benefits brain and does not cause weight loss.Experts say the breakfast not only mentally operates, but also maintains physical energy all day. Physical energy expires very soon due to breakfast, and passes cheapin the whole day.


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