TWAN Design Nicolas Morales ACME Manufacturing will best benefit from a Wide Area Network by the use of a VOIP. ACME currently has a headquarter in Atlanta that has a corporate operation, accounting, marketing, and an administrative staff. They also have a sales office and engineering office in Atlanta as well. In Chicago, New York, and Phoenix they have their distribution office. I find that ACME will benefit from subnets, routers, packaging, and VLAN’s and security to make sure that the WAN network is successful for WAN network

ACME Manufacturing is a growing company that is expanding nationwide and now that there is a manufacturing facility in China it will be global. ACME manufacturing needs a WAN so that they can communicate with their other offices nationwide. I find that VIOP will be very useful to the company so that they can communicate. IT will make sure that the desire connectivity is in place for the company. ACME should use a star topology so that each site will have direct connection to the headquarters and network administrators.

With the sales and engineering offices they will link up to the headquarter over a WAN with a VPN configuration with IPSec and L2TP for their security. I find that the company would need to have three T1 lines that connect to the headquarters and the facility in China can connect through satellite. This can help ACME stay up to date and will allow room for growth if the company needed. Now with Satellite communications it will let the company have long distance network communication and connectivity.

There will be LAN’s at each location which will best benefit with a Cat-5 which will support 100BaseTx which will allow for a fast Ethernet network able to get speeds of up to 100Mbps. This allows for packet switching, latency, and there channel capacity will be more proficient. The packet switching will allow for optimized use of the channel capacity available in digital telecommunication networks. With packet switching information is broken down to smaller packets before sent out and then processes smaller packets to allow each packet to choose their own path.

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ACME will need a CSU/DSU to end the lines at the distribution location and at the headquarters. To have lease lines one would have to ha e a separate frame type that would be used normally with a LAN setting. ACME will need to have a class B address of 150. 150. There will need to be 10 subnets for each department with a subnet mask of 255. 255. This will allows for a maximum of 16 subnets and 4,000 hosts per subnet. There IP address for the host would be from 150. 0. 1 up to 150. 15. 254. This will be the work of the network administrator to configure and subnet the address. Switches in today’s world, allow for a smarter network.

The switch will be mixes with a router to make a route switch which will allow for very high rates of efficiency and speed. A router switch will allow for sire speed routing supported for enhanced interior gateway protocol, opens short path first protocol, and routing info protocol. Newer routing switches allow for integrated intelligence for security networks. A VLAN is one of the latest network technologies that have been developed in the past years. The LAN stand for a Local Area Network that is continually growing each day at a fast pace, and when since the network is doing so well then the price for it is very expensive.

I find that ACME will benefit from a dynamic membership on the VLAN. Dynamic VLAN will allow for the server to automatically assign VLAN to each port. A VLAN will benefit ACME because it will improve administration efficiency, reduction of routing, and enhanced network security. Wireless technology allows for more productivity therefore the users who use wireless devices can still stay connected to the network. ACME will need to install wireless APs that use an 802. 11 g/n standard which will allow for higher speeds in the networks connection for the wireless devices.

The employees of ACME will be able to access the company files and e-mails without having to be connected to a cable. This will allow managers, supervisors, or even CEO’s to walk around with laptops, PDA’s, or cell phones and access the network from anywhere in the building. VoIP phone is very popular in the business community and when it comes down to choosing a PBX or VoIP then the company should choose VoIP. The VoIP is easier means Voice over Internet Protocol that is basically a phone service which uses a broadband connection for dialing.

With a PBX you need equipment that can be very expensive and all in all the VoIP will be a less expensive choice for the company and ultimately save the company money. ACME manufacturing will be able to save thousands of dollars on the phone bill, and when it comes to saving money for a company then any can benefit. The VoIP businesses compete with each other to provide the best service. The VoIP provides both voice and data services to their customers. I would find that a CAT3 cabling system will need to be installed into the facility’s, but can also choose to do a more common CAT5 method.

With the new phone service I would find ACME to find a definite change in the phone bill. ACME will want to choose a service that has both voice and data services which will also benefit overseas as well. The calls overseas will be free of charge because it will be used through there internet connectivity. Once ACME has a good network setup and the network is up and running then the company will want to invest in keeping the network secure with an antivirus and anti spyware software, malware, and any unwanted viruses to the system. A firewall will take care of this providing unwanted user out and authorized users in.

The firewall will want to run at all times, but the company will want to choose what will be best. There are many firewalls that the company may choose upon such as packet filters, proxy servers, application, and circuit level gateway. Packet filters will allow access and reuse access to certain machines. This will allow for certain computers to have incoming traffic and others to of course not. I would decide for ACME to choose packet filters for their network. The reason for this is because it allows for each packet to be monitored.

This will be the job of the network administration to decide what level of access to the network each employee has. Once done ACME will have an up and running network and security and will be ready to go and secure. I find that passwords will not always keep unwanted user out and therefore the employees will need to follow certain guidelines to keep the network safe. ACME manufacturing should have a safe and secure network that will allow the company to expand for the near future. Reference http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Wide_area_network http://computer. howstuffworks. com/lan-switch7. htm http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Voice_over_IP


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