Issues Facing Computer Science Majors After Graduation 10/9/2013 [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. ] Most career paths in computer science involve people skills and interacting with people. Beyond an entry-level position as a software engineer, almost any corporate position requires working with people. The creation of software is most often a team effort, and software companies are organizations of people like any other type of ompany.

Thus, if your career path is typical, you will not be alone in your cubicle staring at the screen. Chances are, it will be peer/family driven. Personally, my brother was the one who encouraged me to take a computer science class. I had tried to learn how to code before, but was so unsuccessful that I couldn’t even set up the development environment. Even though he dropped out of his intro CS class, he told me that I could do it and that the field needed more women engineers like me. Through his faith in me, I took a web development course and Jumped on the intro CS rack at Stanford, and have stuck on the CS train ever since.

It’s easy to give up. It’s easy to give up and say, Oh, who cares, someone else will code it for me. Another one of my awesome CS Professors, Eric Roberts, showed us on the first day of my second introductory class that even if Stanford graduated all of its students as CS majors, and the Valley hired all of them, they’d still need more people to fill the Jobs. It’s not surprising that software is where the Jobs are, and even working for eBay, talent is one thing that the company is aggressively looking for. You can give up, but what bout what could be?

Maybe you could code the next app Experimentation is key. Learning CS involves experimentation. You have to mess around with the code, really get into it. Sometimes it means that you’ll break something that was already working. But the great thing is that in return, you get to learn something new, sometimes something that isn’t even documented or fixed. This definitely happens to me at work everyday. Sometimes I feel like taking the lazy approach and Just going back to the old ways of doing things, but trust me, it’s definitely a lot better to Just play around with it.

Get Hands-on Experience: You can’t learn teamwork or business fundamentals by reading a text book. Participate in student projects, volunteer work, campus committees and internships so you can acquire hands-on technical experience, business acumen, leadership and communication skills Most college students, fortunately, are brash enough never to bother asking their elders for advice, which, in the field of computer science, is a good thing, because their elders are apt to say goofy, antediluvian things like “the demand for keypunch operators will exceed 100,000,000 by the year 2010” and “lisp careers are really very hot right now. “


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