Islamophobia Originally named Cordoba house, Park 51 is a project to build a Muslim cultural center and a mosque that is only two blocks away from Ground Zero. The plan has already been approved by city authorities and is backed by Mayor Bloomberg. But the project is confronted with a large protest. Some opponents are concerned that an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero would offend the families who were affected in the 9/11 attacks.

Protesters have compared Islam as extremists sympathetic to al-Qaeda. Even some Muslims are also against the project, they argued that Park 51 should be scrapped because it will just intensify anti-Muslim sentiment. The article about Islamophobia would be a social conflict approach because there is inequality and discourages change by discriminating the Islam faith. After 9/11 discrimination against Muslims has increased.

When people think of Islam, most people would think of Osama Bin Laden as the symbol for all Muslims. They have been a target of prejudice and hate crime in the past decade as a result of stereotype that links all Muslims with Terrorism. Especially when the media only promotes radicalism on Islam like car bombings or hi jacking and the impression on Muslims is that they are all crazy. Focusing more on Islam as a religion and not the extremist is a positive way to change the situation.

It was cultural intolerance not the Islam faith the reason why 9/11 happened. I just believe that many Americans are politically uneducated and unaware that they don’t understand the difference between radical Islam and peaceful Islam. Some people are just xenophobic and would jump to a conclusion that all Muslims are Terrorist. Ignorance produced hate and fear that resulted in stereotypes among Muslims.

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