Isabella Dawson2A.My computational innovation is Shazam. Shazam is a British application that functions to recognize music, movies, advertisements, etc easily in public places. With the click of a screen shazam listens and identifies music that is playing, even in crowded, public spaces. My artifact illustrates my innovation with photos. The pictures consist of what it looks like when you open the app, a picture of music to represent the purpose of the app, a picture of a crowded bar and coffee shop to show that shazams focus was to be able to identify music is public places. 2B.To create my artifact i used the website, it helps you create a collage of photos by giving you example templates. I found images off the internet by searching “shazam app” on My pictures were someone shazamming, a picture of a bar and coffee shop, and a pictue of music to show the qualities of shazam. Then I downloaded the images on canva and put the photos into the template. I titled my collage “shazam” because that is my innovation. 2C.One beneficial effect of shazam is the easy abilty to identify music in public spaces. Our music tastes are expanding in our society and my artifact supports that and is helping it grow by allowing people to find new music in everything.  Whether you are in a bar, a coffee shop, or you’re just watching a movie, the app will pick up the music you are listening to. The app also creates a promotional standpoint for artists, in that people can hear and identify their music anywhere thus giving them more views on their songs.  One harmful effect is the blockade you can form from the social world by shazamming constantly and not asking your peers for song titles, which usually leads to other socializing.2D. The data my innovation uses is the songs. The songs are turned into data to be identified.(2) The song/data is then give an acoustic footprint and is put through an algorithm to be identified from the 8 million song library that shazam holds. “Rather than trying to capture whole songs, he built an algorithm that would create a unique acoustic fingerprint for each track.”(2) One data concern is the mac version shazam issue, the shazam app was continuing to listen through the microphone even after the song was identified.(1) This privacy concern could have led to people not using the app because they felt it as an invasion of privacy. The issue was addressed by the company, and “the music identification service admits the behaviour but says it only keeps recording purely for technical reasons.” (1)2E.John Leyden “Shhhh! Shazam is always listening- even when it is switched off” 15 Nov. 2016, Jan 22 2018 “The Shazam Effect” 14 Dec. 2014. Jan 22 2018 M. Andrews “Why Apple Bought Shazam….” December 12 2017, Jan 22 2018 Hussain “Assessing the usability of Shazam mobile app” Oct. 2017< Jan 22 2018 images on arifact found through search bar of


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