Is There Life on Mars Mars may be our best hope for resolving the great mystery for creation. It is the one planet out there that is earth like enough that we can imagine. And if we find evidence on our own very next planet mars, then we have to say that has to be so common across the universe that we are not alone. Mars has a lot in common with our world than any place we know of in the universe. Mars today is a busy place having three statistics and three Landers pondering on the surface, they are finding wealth of clues.

They also discover that in the past mars has some dark secrets, four and half billion years ago two young planets emerge, both beaming with promise but something went wrong with earth twin. There are so many things we can study about planet, but what makes mars so special is its potential as an above of life. If there is life in mars there could be life across the universe. Peter Smith has been involved with seven missions to mars, each has only driven home how difficult it is to get there.

In 1999 the mars polar Lander is about to touch down on the surface while smith and his team wait for a signal that never comes, during its descent the polar Lander disappeared. Smith prepared his next mission another Lander called Mass Surveyor, but after the failure of polar Lander NASA cancel the mission but Smith didn’t give up his plan to take the technology from this failed mission out of mars ball and repurpose it for another Lander.

Every precautions will be taken to make sure this one will make it. He christened the new mission with a name phoenix. Smith believes sending a mission to mars is like hitting a golf ball across the solar system. Nine months later, Smith is back on track to search for signs of life on mars and if phoenix lands, it will be thanks to engineers on Smith’s team who made it happen. Finally Petre Smith has arrived on mars, Smith believes he has a great chance on finding new discovery on mars.

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Now that Phoenix has landed NASA is showing supervision of the mission with scientist at the university of Verizona where Smith is based. Phoenix is in the far north of mars so it has just three months before the polar sun will begin to set for the long winter and with it will go the Lander power supply and time is running out. This is the 39th scientist who has tried to reach mars and only the seventh time they’ve actually landed it is a quest years in the making.

They had two attempts in the 60’s, they launch eight missions but they failed eight times, it wasn’t until the late 70’s that scientist get their first close view of the mars surface with two Vikings Landers. Each bear sixteen million dollar box packed with three biology experiment. They are designed to test the soil for the present of organisms, but when the picture comes in, there are no signs of life in mars. As the experiment proceed the news get loud. Smith still believes mars was just a barren desert that may have been interesting in four billion years ago and today it’s lacking.

Billion of years ago life we know needs three things to begin: one is energy source, like heat from the volcanic theory of the earth below and the sun’s ray from above, two are organics, carbon based molecules not living things but the building blocks of life, the third is causing solar system the medium that help chemicals to mingle and most requirement for life is liquid and water. Not only did Vikings find no life but no water either. Mars was pronounced a waste land. Then in 1996 scientist unveiled a marshal rock and the mission of the marshal rock is to test the soil for liquid water.

They dig into the rocks that looks like a blueberry on mars. Finally they can check the rock chemistry, the rock is as much 40% sulphate, a mineral that is only produced by soil interacting with water, the result shows that water was once on mars. It was concluded that mars has created hot water or maybe steam. The PH Scale of mars is 8. 3, so it’s not acidic and it’s another plus for life. My conclusion is that there is life in mars because liquid, water is the basic of life and there is liquid water in mars. The next life search on mars is to find the organics on the surface.


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