is is the real story of an American tycoon of the early twentieth century who was the first man in the world to have earned more than a million dollars a year. Maybe today this figure is not so impressive. But even our contemporaries remember the times when $ 10 could live a month. What then to speak about the beginning of the last century ?!It’s about Charles Schwabe , the president of the company “Bethlehem Steel” (Bethlehem Steel). Thanks to his leadership, this company has become one of the largest companies in the world.Of course, such successes could not be achieved without the correct organization of labor. At the very beginning of the development of the company, Charles Schwab managed to introduce a special method of increasing labor efficiency .The idea he threw Ivy Lee – a novice consultant on management. He came to the plant and offered his services in developing methods to increase labor productivity. Schwab replied that they do not need such services, since they themselves know how to melt steel, and they themselves know how people should work. But they can not achieve one thing: HOW TO MAKE THE SOFTWARE WHICH IT HAS BEEN DONE . And for a good idea how to do it, they are ready to pay any amount.To which Lee replied that he has his own system. He can show her Schwab in just twenty minutes. And if this method proves useful, then they can then pay him as much as they themselves decide and how the method will be appreciated.And when Schwab agreed, Lee handed him a sheet of paper and offered to write all the things that he must do tomorrow. After that, he suggested that Schwab arrange the cases in order of importance. And when Schwab did this, Lee said:”Tomorrow start the day with the case at number 1 and do not get distracted by anything until you do it. Next, go to case number 2 and also carefully work on it. Then go to case number 3 and so on.Even if you do not complete your entire list, you will still do the most important things. If you complete your whole plan, and your work day is not over yet, then compose a new list and begin to implement it.All that you have not done, you can move to the list of the next day . “The whole secret of this method is to do these actions day in and day out:write a to-do list;assess their importance;Set priorities;work strictly according to plan.All that Schwab had to do at his company was to use this method of increasing labor efficiency every day and introduce it into the work of his subordinates.Lee was so sure of the effectiveness of the method that he suggested testing the system as much as needed. And then pay for his services, setting the price of this system. A few weeks later Schwab sent Ivey Lee a check for $ 25,000 . And then he said that it was the most valuable idea that he ever received.


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