Is federalism still working in our society today as it was when the founders first created it?  That is a great question, which can be answered by taking a look at federalism and how it works.  Federalism was set up because there was too many people in the United States and the people needed some type of method to govern them and create guidelines for the American citizen to follow, so the creators or founders had to come up with this form of government.  Some people in the United States believe that federalism is not working for the nation as a whole.  Federalism was created in 1789, by the founding fathers of the United States, and it is still being utilized today.  Federalism is good for our nation as a whole because it allows the citizens to have a say in decisions the government makes. Federalism allows citizens to vote for presidents when the legal age of eighteen is attained.  At eighteen the military draft comes into picture.  Anyone of or above the age of eighteen are eligible for the draft to the military.  If drafted there is no choice, the army is the only option.  At the age of thirty five, running for presidency is available, but cannot be a president if not a natural born citizen of the United States.  There are many ways that citizens may become a part of the government.  These facts are some of the reasons why Federalism is so crucial and important to our world in the United States.  Federalism allows the citizens of the United States to have a voice in what the people believe in.  More importantly the people are free here, and that is a very significant thing because in other countries the people are not allowed to live a free life.  In the United States, people can also vote to change federal laws, or to replace federal governors.  They are also allowed to vote for senators of the state they reside in. Federalism allows for our country to experiment with different things.  Like with different state governments, some states have different laws than others, and the government can see which ones work compared to other ones in different states.  According to which laws are effective, other laws that may say the opposite matter may be changed to say the same thing.  If this matter is changed the United States may never know if another law is better for our country and citizens than one other one that was passed.   Federalism is a form of government that was put in place by the founders:   Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and George Washington.  It is a system of government where power is shared between a national government and a collection of state governments.  These governments are assigned certain powers such as inherent, expressed, and implied powers.  It is also stated that local matters are dealt with by the state governments.  Larger, big picture problems are to be resolved through the national government.  Federalism is one of seven other principles written in the constitution.  The other ones are popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial review, and individual rights.   It is argued that Federalism is not doing a good enough job for the people, and that it needs to be changed into something new and improved that will work better.  In order for this new and improved idea to go into action it would need to be voted on like any other thing that is proposed.  If we keep things how they are then there should not be a problem unless this form of government stops working like it is now.  It should be concerning because if it stops working then the government would not be strong, have weaknesses and be vulnerable for attacks.  This is a very serious matter, and if it is not handled in the right way, it will affect everyone in the United States.  It affects less people if it is improved and it works right off the start, but if that does not happen it will have effect on the whole country.  It could be fatal if the country goes into a crisis where the  government is not working; many lives would be put at stake.   In present day, Federalism is not talked about very much, studies are more focused on Federalism and how it works in the past.  Federalism was set up as a dual system of government as stated above: the national and state governments.  The national government is organized with delegated powers which means, the powers it contains are those only assigned to it by the constitution.  There is delegated powers that are called exclusive powers.  The exclusive powers include expressed, implied, and inherent.  Exclusive powers are powers that are written word by word in the constitution.  Implied powers are not written in the constitution at all and therefore are more pointed at by a congressional power.  Inherent powers are also included in these; inherent powers are those that are assigned to every state, and they are supposed to have these.  The states also have their own executive, legislative, and judicial branch.  The states governments have the power to pass, enforce, and interpret laws. They can do this power if they do not infringe on the Constitution.  There is another power that the states have called reserved powers.  Reserved powers are powers that are specifically given to the states, and cannot be taken away by the Federal government.   Does the American population really want to live in a world where everything is controlled by the government?  The answer to that question should be no, because the citizens of the United States are looking for a place where they can live free, and not worry about being controlled.  That is one very good reason why Federalism is working well for the United States.  This idea of a free nation has impacted too many people and sometimes it is taken for granted, so it cannot just be changed, because people will not know what to do and they will rebel and life will turn into mayhem. This country needs Federalism to survive.  If it is kept, then there needs to be an agreement between the states and the national government, because a couple times these two governments have failed to comply with each other, and have made small problems big.  It can be fixed easily, by keeping the local things local and the bigger problems national.  There will be much more problems with the change, because states will not have a say, and the people will act out against the government because they would then have no power.  As it is this country is one of the strongest forces in the world and changing it will have an impact on that, and make this country weak.   One thing that will help with this problem we have in America is going back through the constitution and looking at Federalism.  The government will see how it is supposed to work, and our nation can alter it’s outlook, and make changes to how it works between the national and states governments.  That is only necessary when Federalism completely fails, which is not happening at the moment.  This nation needs to focus more on important things, like how money is being spent, and how much debt the United States is in.  The United States is in nineteen point nine trillion dollars of debt as of March 2017, one point two trillion of that is money that we owe to China as of November 2017.  One thing that the United States is doing well is our unemployment rate.  The unemployment rate of October 2017 is four point one percent.  This is the lowest the percentage has been for over ten years.  The United States is still, however, in the recovery phase.  It is recovering from the 2008 recession.  This recession took out eight point seven million jobs nationwide.  Now after all of that, is Federalism working for our nation or is it failing?  What should be said after reading this paper is that it is working.  This is not the end of Federalism; it is too risky to change everything.  Federalism will keep going as it is until it completely fails, which if it does end up happening, will not happen for at least a decade.  This country has only ever known Federalism for the longest time, and there is no point in changing it if it is getting the job done.  It is kind of like changing a light bulb that is already working fine, it does not need to be changed right now as it is.  


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