iPhone 7 vs Galaxy s7

Technology in the 21st century is constantly remodeling and reinventing itself at a rapid rate. We as humans have come so far into creating various amounts of devices and software that are more advanced than the last. One of these innovative inventions is the development of the smartphone. Our lives have become simpler and easier than ever before because everything that we would need to go about our day is at the palm of our hands. Competitors such as Apple and Samsung have been challenging each other to see who has the more appealing smartphone.

These two companies have taken the phone industry by storm with Apple’s popular iPhone 7 and the Samsung’s prevalent Galaxy s7. The features, performance, durability and sales of the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy s7 are the reason customers cannot decide which is the best, but one thing we know for sure is that smartphones can only get better from here. Usually when smartphone carriers like Samsung or Apple release their latest products, those products will have improved versions of old features living on the phone.

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Components like the camera and battery are constantly being upgraded to in efforts to make the smartphone more attractive than their opponents. The iPhone 7 camera has 12 megapixels with an enhanced six – element lens that is ideal for picture taking. It also has a LED flash that is said to be 50% brighter than the old iPhone 6s. The battery life of the iPhone 7 last around 6 hours when it is constantly running throughout the day, which is not that impressive as people think because it apparently did not improve from the previous iPhone.

The non- removable battery was supposed to be improved with 2 extra hours of activity, but according to Trusted Reviewers. com, “That extra 2 hours is nowhere to be seen”. The Galaxy s7 camera also has 12 megapixels, but unlike the iPhone, it has Dual Pixel Technology that creates a faster focus for clearer photos. The Galaxy s7 also has their non- removable lithium-ion battery lasting around 8 hours, even when it is on all day, contrasting from the iPhone 7 (Parker). The Galaxy s7 seems to have trumped the iPhone 7 with the longevity of their battery life, but the iPhone 7 takes clear, more vibrant pictures overall.

Along with the features that are continuously being reinvented each year are those newly invented elements that have not yet been seen on any other smartphone. The new iPhone 7 now has 3D touch, which is activated by detecting the amount of pressure from your finger instead of how long you hold your finger on the screen. The 3D touch is reviewed to not have huge significance, but can be helpful in navigating through other applications. Another iPhone 7 component that has revolutionized the phone business is the non-existing headphone jack.

Instead Apple gives you these wireless earbuds called “Air Pods” that can activate Siri with a tap and stop sound if one of the pods are removed (Beavis). Dissimilar from the iPhone 7, the Galaxy s7 does have a headphone jack and it also has “Cross App”, an integrated application that allows the user to use other apps from within one app. This element is great at multitasking because for example, you can send videos and images while your messaging your friends or family (Samsung). In today’s generation, everyone is used to having things quick and easy, so it’s likely that people want the performance of their smartphones to be the same way.

Apple and Samsung both kept this idea in mind when they developed the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy s7. The iPhone 7 includes a new “system-on-a-chip” with the A10 Fusion. According to Apple, the A10 Fusion is 40% faster than the previous A9 because it has a double processor instead of a single one. The dual processor performs at a higher level while draining less power. The Galaxy s7, on the other hand, has a four-core, dual processor named Exynos, which is similar to other smartphones, but with higher performance (Parker).

The only difference in performance between the two phones is that the iPhone is slightly faster, but ultimately, they both stacks up to be similar when it comes to hardware performance. It is crucial to know if our handheld devices can withstand our hectic lives. Developers from Apple, Samsung and many other cell phone carriers take time to measure the durability of their phones with a series of tests. The iPhone 7 was proven to be water resistant after it completed the “dunk test”, or submerging the phone in a pool of water.

According to Square Trade, who performed all of the iPhone 7 durability tests, their video showed that the iPhone 7 continued to function normally after being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. The other test was the “bend test”. In the demonstration, the iPhone 7 endured 170 pounds before revealing a visible bend (Chowdhry). Just like the iPhone, the Galaxy s7 can withstand 170 pounds of force before bending. On the contrary, in the “dunk test”, the smartphone did survive, but it had minor damage to the speakers which the iPhone did not have (Spence, Galaxy S7 Torture Test Reveals A Potential Danger).

The iPhone 7 seems to edge the Galaxy s7 in being waterproof, so if you’re a consumer worried about liquid damage, the iPhone is a better choice. Sales are important to every business because it generates revenues for the company. According to Fortune. com, “Apple’s iPhone 7 now accounts for 1 percent of overall iPhone market shares”. Even though that amount does not seem very high, the iPhone 7 sales controlled 29 percent of the 2016 US market sales that included many other phone carriers (Reisinger). Unfortunately, the sales of the iPhone 7 were not as high as Apple expected.

The goal for the first quarter earnings of the iPhone 7 was thought to reach 76. 6 billion dollars, but by the end of those few months, the iPhone only earned 75. 9 billion dollars (Yarow). The trend of declining profits seems to be continuing through the year of 2016 as Ewan Spence, contributor of Forbes. com states, “We are past peak iPhone, Apple’s smartphone sales are falling” (Spence, Apple iPhone 7 Sales Hide A Serious Problem). Apple set a high barrier for the smartphone industry, so high that they themselves could not reach it.

However, the Galaxy s7 exceeded their expectations of revenue sales this year. In 2016, the Galaxy s7 sold 26 million smartphones worldwide. The percentage of general market sales were slightly above the iPhone 7 at 36 percent. Its first-quarter operating profit rose 12 percent from the previous year. Samsung revenue rose 5. 7 percent to 49. 8 trillion dollars compared to their objective of 49 trillion dollars. The statistics for the Galaxy S7 was so astounding that this specific model is said to have the potential of setting a new first-year shipments record (CNBC).

It is evident that iPhone users are gradually separating themselves from Apple and their products. The overall sales of the iPhone came to shock most as they thought it will out sell the Galaxy s7 because of its popularity, but Samsung is awarded with the most sales among the two and they proved that quality is much more valued to their customers. It is clear to see that the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy s7 have many ground-breaking elements to their phones.

Many people are questioning whether the companies of Apple Inc. and Samsung Inc. ill ever reach the decline stage because of how well they market their products to the wants and needs of the costumer. Apple and Samsung have proven that they can be more innovative and imaginative each year with their smartphones. They make it difficult for other competition to compete with them, that is why you see most the population with either an iPhone or a Galaxy. Overall, we the customer look forward to future creations from Apple and Samsung to see what they have in store for us and determine how creative they can actually get.