Iowa (2014), and Hamilton (2003), it was found

Iowa State UniversityDepartment of AgronomyG510 Agronomy Hall, 716 Farm House Ln Ames, IA 50011Instructional Memorandum Date:    January 19th, 2018To:       All Agronomy G510 Field Managers From:   Madeleine Bretey, G520 Communications CoordinatorRe:       Guidelines for Writing an Instructional Memo Below are some guidelines for writing an instructional memo. These are written communication documents that are useful when training employees in person is not an option. Formatting Instructional MemosWhen beginning an instructional memo, include the office address at the top of the paper as seen in references California State Director (2002), and Rhoades (2015)After reading the examples Beach (2001), Office of Local Systems (2014),  and Hamilton (2003), it was found that the following four bullet points should always be be included after the address at the top of the page.Date the document is issuedRecipient’s name and titleSender name and titleSubject LineThe subject line should be short and define the specific topic the memo describes, which we can see examples of in Rhoades (2015), and Hamilton (2003) Writing Instructional MemosWhen writing an instructional memo, it should contain an opening, body, and closing. California State Director (2002) shows that when writing each of these sections, the following bullet points need to be kept into consideration.OpeningDescribes the reason for writing the memoHolds a professional tone throughoutBodyExplains the task mentioned in the subject lineBullets and easy-to-read formatting encouragedClosingEstablishes goodwillYou-positive attitudeLooks forward/Opens up opportunity to communicateFinal CheckLastly, when revising your memo, it is good to check to see if it is pleasing to the eyes.

Some things to look out for that can make a memo messy are:Too many fonts and colorsLack of white spaceLogos and images disfiguring the flow of textUnclear or ambiguous text that doesn’t cut to the point.Through this form of written communication, step by step processes can be distributed and kept for any employee to learn from. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through my email at [email protected] or refer to the reference material for more examples.


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