Investing for the Future: Attending College

College education remains to be the single, most important investment that any individual makes because of its ability to endow us not only with an increased earning power in the future but also form the character needed before going through the real world. For one, college presents an amalgam of different people and a microcosm of the type of society that one can encounter outside the hall of the school premises (Enochs and Roland, 2006). In essence, while a college diploma cannot be an assurance for success, it is a passport for anyone to make their lives better.

The primary reason for my attending college is to enhance my potential and aid me in developing my skills, knowledge and attitude in the field that I would want to pursue in the future. For instance, I am interested in business and IT, however, these two are too broad and the area of specialization I would like to pursue is not yet defined. There are parts of business and IT that I am not too keen in pursuing and there are areas that I would like to pursue.

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College can help me refocus my attention to the career that I would want to practise. It serves as a training ground in order for me to learn the different skills, attitude and the knowledge needed in order to practice the profession that I would want to pursue. Theory will provide me with the ability to explore areas and improve on my craft and skills to make them happen. Moreover, being young, I may not be aware of the things I want to at this point.

However, college provides a venue for me to explore the subject areas where I can excel and where my interests lie. For instance, a relative who studied in college after so many shifts in courses and subjects was able to graduate in six (6) years. The experience according to her has widened her horizon- and now, she is working in a job that she excels in and which interests her. The ability of college life to expose one to the limitless boundaries of possibilities and opportunities is one of the reasons why I aim to enter the University.

Second, college facilitates my personal and professional development. Aside from refocusing my attention and interest, college serves as the point where we hone our personality in order to cope up in the workplace and in the society. A friend for one, who was known to me to be shy throughout high school, had immensely improved her self-esteem just with two years in college. The confidence and the character being built in college are essential for me to succeed not only in my career but also in life.

Furthermore, being in a campus with highly diverse population and with maturing individuals, the exposure and the lessons that I can learn from the people and my experiences can help me in my own development. Third, college provides the social network and circle that can assist future endeavours such as establishing connections in the organization and the workplace. This is essential in order to create relationships with future workmates and partners. For instance, business ventures and partnerships start with friendships in college.

Some of the corporations and companies are built in college campuses. Moreover, college exposes us to different social avenues that can open the door for more people and in creating a network of people that we can tap during difficult and easy times in our career. The importance of college education is beyond the diploma- it represents the ability of a student to survive, cope, challenge and succeed in the future. While it may not be my assurance to success, it indeed increases the chance to be successful in work and in life.