Planning Stage


1 Title of the project

In this paper, we focus on the need for investigating HND students’ daily consumption on music. Growing with the prosperous society, requirement for substance consumption is getting stronger. Music is the fundamental need and even the higher mental desire for nowadays people, especially popular music for young people. Here we will make an investigation to figure out how indispensable the music affecting our academicians’ life.

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2 Statement of the issue

Music, which is the most commonly art in people’s life, is the main subject of the paper. In this paper a series of surveys and analysis will be operated to reveal that how the contemporary college students’ music consumption is like.

Obviously, music is far close to people’s life, no matter how old you are and what languages you speak, and even who you are. No one could get rid of music in terms that it benefits people in many aspects. For example, if you are tired of a whole day’s work and study, a piece of light music may make you relaxed and relieved, or the pop songs sung by your favorite singers. Or when you sing a song or just play the music, it could help you relieve your pressure and release your emotion. People will sing an exciting song when they are happy, likewise a depressed song when they are low-spirited. Thus, everyone could be a customer consuming music if they like the well-motivated feeling the music brings to them. While in this essay, HND students are the relevant customers investigated.

3 Objectives of the project

The investigation consists of two main sections, one is the characteristics of undergraduates’ music consumption behavior, and another is the analysis of the factors affecting their consumption on music.

Section one can be divided into four more specific aspects. Step 1 intends to figure out the overall degree that how academicians like the music, and what the type of music they like. Step 2 aims to investigate the diversity of channels that college students get music information. Step 3 is to show the motivation of consuming music and its hierarchy, and step 4 is to clarify the tremendous potential in music consumption market that undergraduates bring.

Section two covers 4 subdivided aspects too. Step 1 is to prove that special psychological stage affects the college students’ attitudes towards to music consumption. Step 2 explains the impacts of modern communication technology in expanding and broadening the channels academicians get music from. Step 3 reveals that the multiple need of the society decides the diversity of consumption motivation. Step 4 is to state that the particular lifestyle is the fundamental condition of the music market mix.

4 Reasons for the choice of issue

Music consumption is one item that every student will get in touch with. It is accurate and efficient to analyze the figures collected by the surveys. The figures have its universality and accuracy on the basis of nearly every informant has music experience. University students are dynamic, imaginative and creative so that they easily have access to music compared to other throng, occupying the largest proportion in music consumption. So choosing topic music to make investigation is wise and far-sighted in terms of the figures may be typical and representative.

1.5 Justification for the choice

Higher National Diploma (HND) students are enrolled in this report as the respondents of the investigation. College students are the principal part of the music consumption, and HND students can function as a typical representative. The extra causes to choose HND students in investigating music consumption are that the figures are easily to achieve, and meanwhile to ensure the accuracy of the acquired data.

1.6 Explanation of the sources of information

Theoretic points from HND teaching materials are marketing and product mix, PEST, SWOT, 4p and etc. Other sources are from websites of SQA or authority education linked sites. The concept of SELPT and SWOT from the book business culture and strategy was used to analyze how music affects the lifestyle of the individuals and its social status. The major fundamental theories used in discussing this issue are from the book marketing that various music components make up the market of music consumption, which is called music marketing mix. Referring to customer satisfaction, it is decided by the rankings of the records sales and the popularity of the artistically classic music.

1.7 Explanation of conducting the investigation

There appear a vast number of methods in conducting the investigation. In terms of organizing questionnaires and giving them out, it is a sufficient way of collecting the primary data which is realistic and accurate. A web survey may be another good choice. Meanwhile the secondary data could be combined effectively, gathering from the authority library information and historical records, or from the government statics. Learned from the lecture business culture and strategy, the concept SWOT is regarded as a viable method in analyzing the music consumption components in Chinese market, revealed with strengths and weaknesses respectively. Furthermore, the music market has its own opportunities and threats. According to the concept PEST, the influences of music no matter popular music or classic music, extend to various and multi-levels with a powerful strength.


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