Investigating Business

I will be producing the main resources I will need in order to run my business. I need to cover both human (staffing), physical (premises, machinery, equipment, materials, stock, etc. ) and financial resources. I will need to analyse the availability, costs and importance of each resource to the success of your business. For example, it will be essential to have high quality (i. e. well-trained) staff, but I may have to pay higher wages to secure suitably qualified staff and/or provide training myself – which also incurs costs.

I will need to consider the importance of quality within my business and the role that quality control, quality assurance and total quality management (TQM) play in the success of businesses. Human resources Communication is part of the effective management of the human resources in any business. People need to understand that their contribution is valuable and is makes such a big difference to businesses. Where people work in teams and are part of the decision making process, productivity, the quality of the output and the customer satisfaction all improve.

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Making sure employees’ have the right skills and attributes in order to complete tasks set is important to their motivation and will mean that the job is completed to a high standard. Productivity is also an important factor in making the best use of people. Setting figures will help to ensure that they are productive, but will also ensure that they are not expected to do more than is realistic. Producing a product or providing a service involves inputs being into outputs through a process or operation.

The inputs are the resources that the business needs to complete the activities and meet the aims and objectives. They are factors of production for producing goods and delivering effective services. Outputs are the products and services the business produces and relies on to succeed. For example, the output of a bakery will be bread and related products, the outputs of clothes retailer will be the sales of items chosen by the customer. The aim of the production process is to the customer.

The aim of the production process is to add value to the goods or services provided so that the business can make a profit. Adding value can also be a process of making the product or service more appealing and therefore more marketable to the customer. Improving productivity will make the best use of resources and enable my business to operate profitability. Capital investment in machinery, ingredients and premises will allow my business to increase production and create assets to give my business a basis for growth.

A Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Retail is aimed at individuals with responsibility for supervising staff involved in the handling of food products. A Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering is designed for managers of people who handle food. It covers aspects of food hygiene and development of food management systems. When hiring staff in the future I will have to set up training to have the best possible interest in the employee’s health and safety.

The training will be minimal, the factors of fire regulations in the premises, the safety of dealing with electricity when plugging in the till and fridge, handling the oven, and using kitchen utensils correctly. When legally planning Human resources I would need to consider the minimum age limits and wage requirements, issue a contract of written terms, avoid any type of discrimination, have in mind and be guided by the Health and Safety at Work regulations and keep all payroll records. Customer service

Firstly my staff will need to be friendly, well informed and efficient otherwise customers are kept waiting and are not given relevant information. The merchandise that is sold in the store should reflect the needs of the customer and be priced appropriately. Shelves need to be well stocked and orders placed when stocking is low. Items that are passed sell date will be removed immediately, however this isn’t relevant to my business as most of the cupcakes will be fresh. The premises need to be clean and tidy and safe for the staff and customers.

Equipment such as fridges, tills and shelves need to be in good working order and well maintained or food might go bad. Also, items might get damaged or transactions might be inaccurate or delayed. New technology needs to be investigated and installed to keep the store up to date and efficient. Customers need to be able to see where the items they want are situated, so good signposting is important to my business. There is a lot to think about in the quest to ensure good, quality customer service is offered to the customer.