IntroductionThis of other things which would affect the

IntroductionThis research was conducted in order to analyze on how marketing brands overseas works, the requirements needed, and the process of it. The research was expected to create an analysis on marketing the brand itself to india. It also included the opportunity of marketing the business and also the way of other things which would affect the business and to solve them. The factors which would most likely drive the business out was the competition with India’s local brand which were mostly has more familiar taste to locals.Ebread produces different kind of local hand made pastries which is mainly bought in a large stacks for events, gifts as a retail or reselling it on different places such as canteen, nearby mini market, hospitals, etc. Foreign investors could either form subsidiary relationships or joint ventures with an India-based company. 2.- MethodFirst of all, data was collected from different sources about the brand that would be marketed. The brand’s advantageous aspects were found out and controlled. For the data collection of the brand, we would rely mostly on face to face interview with the owner since it’s a family business and it has no websites. we also use information from the internet to see the most effective way to create an entry of product into india. For entry into the Indian market, it is essential to identify the target market and find good partners who know the local market well and are completely acquainted with procedural issues. the data collected which include information from interviews or websites were crucial as they indicate the research purpose of the essay. To market Ebread to other country several aspects including what made it special compared to others must be analyzed. other infos from websites also need to be taken as India is different than Indonesia. therefore, the popular products, market entry modes, and other information about the country itself must be taken into consideration.