IntroductionNeighbors are one category of people who can either be a blessing or a curse. since one cannot choose one’s neighbors one can only regard it as a matter of luck to have neighbors who conform to one’s standards of good neighborliness.Talking about myself, i would say that our neighbors are a mixed blessings for us. They can be very irritating at times, and at other times they can be very pleasantInstances Of Unpleasant BehaviorThere are several ways in which they make themselves unpleasant.Park Their Car In Front Of Our GateFor instance, the family on the right side of our house owns a motor bike and a car, and they seem to take a great pleasure in parking their vehicles right in front of our gate. If we want to take our car out we have to invariably call them to shift their car. Soon after we have drive out, they promptly park their car once more at the same spot. As a result, when our car has to be re-parked we have to honk the horn till they come out once more to shift their vehicle. Our polite expressions of disapproval have either fallen on deaf ears or are jokingly set aside.Inquisitive about everything that happens in our houseAnother trait of their which we find most annoying is their unending curiosity about everything that is happening in our house. They seem to be more interested in what goes on in our house than in theirs! if there is a visitor they would like to know who has come to meet, and why, and at the same time also convey their own impression of him by his appearance. They know exactly the number of times my various aunts and uncles visit us. My parents dare not have a loud disagreement on anything, because my dear neighbor is sure to hear it and pass it on to the neighbor down the lane in addition to their own comments. One can imagine what a minor argument would be blown into by the time it reached the end of the row of houses!Their dog relieves himself in front of our houseAnother nuisance we have to put up with is their dog who thinks a particular patch near our gate just the right place for his excreta. Confronting them with it is a useless exercise because they hotly deny that it is the doing of their dog.Loud jarring music played continuouslyThen their is their love of music which can drive a sane man crazy. They believe music can only be enjoyed when it is played at full volume and at all their waking hours.Children ring our bell and run awaythen there are mischievous little children (who live in house down the lane) whose greatest joy in life is to ring the bell and run away. sometimes we do not respond to the bell thinking it to be a prank, and later find a genuine caller waiting outside.Instances Of Good BehaviorThese are some of the inconveniences we have to put up with. However, our neighbors are not totally a curse. There are times when they have proved to be a real blessing.After we met with an accident called the doctor and brought medicinesThere was the time when we had met with a car accident and reached home well past midnight. We called them on the telephone and they fetched a doctor, and they were again there early in the morning to look us up, and bring the medicines the doctor had prescribed in the middle of the night.Stay at their place when parents are awayAnother way in which we find them a great help is when our parents are away for the evening. Then, either we go over to their house, or their kids come over to our house to play or study with us. At times we have even slept in their house when our parents have gone out to attend a late night party.Send us cakes and biscuits which aunty makes at homeYet again, the lady next door bakes delicious cakes and biscuits, and she often sends over generous helping of these for us. Of course, we also reciprocate in the same manner when mother makes something special.Exchange books and cassettesYet another advantage is that we exchange books and video-cassettes with our neighbors. Since we go to different schools, our libraries have different books and we have a good time reading and exchanging ideas on various topics.Share in our joys and sorrowsThere have been times of sorrow, for instance, when my grand father passed away. All of them gathered to hep in important little ways till our relatives arrived. They helped to inform various friends and relatives, posted the cards and helped in the preparation of the funeral ceremonies. ConclusionThus our neighbors can be the most comforting of people, and also the most annoying; the most helpful at times and at other times the most troublesome; are a pleasure and a pain. On the whole, however, i would say they do make life worth living.


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