IntroductionIn the modern era, portable electronics such as computers, phones that we use almost everyday are crucial to our current human life, but without the help of lithium ion batteries, we wouldn’t be using portable electronics with our everyday lives, we wouldn’t be able to call others, use smart devices or go on social media, however there are limitations for lithium ion batteries as they are still not 100% safe for consumer use. In this battery essay I will talk about the pros and cons of using Lithium Ion battery and how it works to solve the solution.ProblemAs said in the introduction, without Lithium Ion batteries, portable electronics wouldn’t exist, however some say that nickel-cadmium was used to power portable electronics before Lithium Ion which was true, unfortunately nickel-cadmium contained a huge electric discharge, that would have an effect on a computers battery, it was also bulkier thus Lithium Ion was given an ergonomic advantage for portable Electronics. In this graph shown on the right, Nickel-Cadmium is shown to be not as effective as Lithium Ion overtime, while Lithium Ion has increasingly been beneficial to portable electronics overtime, it also shows that the energy density for Nickel-Cadmium stays around the same overtime whilst Lithium Ion continues to grow throughout the years of development and technological advances.Lithium Ion Battery Chemistryi) Discharging ProcessDuring the state of discharge, lithium atoms are oxidized to Li+ ions and electrons, the resulting Li+ ions move to the positive electrode (cathode) diffusing through the electrolyte and the seperator, the electrons flow from the negative electron to the positive on the external circuit with the resulting current flow used for an appliance.  The electron flows back to the positive electrode and combine with the Li+ ions and stored in the molecular structure of the active materialii) ChargingThe Li+ ions diffuse back to the cathode and recombine with the electrons from the external electricity supply to form neutral lithium atoms and are reintercalated into the molecular structure of the graphite particulars


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