IntroductionImmigration is people that want to leave their country. This is what this essay is about. We are now able to find what people came, what, why.Before 1790About 20,000 there were many native american cultures. They came for land. Also in there year 1000 there were a small number a vikings. Then five hundred year later the europeans came and they had to cross the atlantic. They wanted to immigrant to america for political and religious freedom. The native americans were welcoming the europeans. But some europeans and native americans had fights. Some native american got sick and died.1790 – 1830The first wave of US immigration is seen as the smallest of the four major waves. The fist wave was from 1790 – 1830. When the United States won the war for independence. The United States started to become America. African, German, Scottish and Irish all started coming. There was about 3.9 million. They came for jobs and freedom. Some were welcomed with jobs and freedom but some did not. 1830 – 1880 Immigrants came from Asia, Europe and Irish. They came for a new life. They were welcomed to America. Also Irish and German, there were about 15.3 million, also Needing a new life. This are some of the different things that happened, Religion, Racialism, Rural Resentment, Economic,  Resentment.1880 – 1930The third wave was 1880 – 1930. The British Isles, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia. Democracy, freedom of religion, Available land, these new immigrants helped build new railroads and took jobs in steel mills. While First and Second-Class passengers and 3rd got off the ship to Ellis island, There they waited in long lines with their papers that proved they were entitled to gain admittance. Most only spent a few hours there and passing through the test of medical and psychological tests. This are the things that they could not have a t all: no illiterates, no anarchists, no contagious disease carriers. They had to do that to enter to America. 20% of Ellis Island immigrants were detained for some period on the island, for a medical condition. They were released after 2 weeks. 98% passed through and went to  entry to the USA.  1965 – Present – 4th wave   The first wave was 1930 – 1965. The people that came is Vietnam, Canada, Cuba, India, Korea, Mexico. They came for jobs and freedom. The had to get checked but it was not that bad. Then they got jobs and found house. They went to California. The IRCA attempted to stop letting new illegals. Also let some for immigrants who wanted a chance to become legal US residents. They impacted America by creating religious and new things/cultures. ConclusionThe first wave was when immigration started. The second wave was more and more people coming. The third wave was about people who wanted to come to america, but they had to go through a lot of test. The fourth wave was about people that came now got jobs and had freedom.


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