IntroductionDue to the differences in culture, climate, socioeconomic status, etc. pattern of foodconsumption may take different forms in different regions and countries. In fact, the habitof taking food among the inhabitants of a country may change based on several factors.Like any other Asian country, Bangladesh is also experiencing an increased amount of fastfood consumption due to globalization, economic and income growth. As the industry isgrowing, the question of consumer attitude towards the fast food restaurants has become asignificant subject of research. Very often the fast food restaurants and the habit of fastfood consumption are becoming the issue of criticism in the local media of Bangladeshdue to the adulteration of food items with food colors and other hazardous chemicals, andmicrobial safety and hygiene of the restaurants. At recent times, the mobile court raidedmany fast food restaurants in Bangladesh. As a result, consumers are being suspiciousregarding the quality and environment of the fast food restaurants.Since its inception, fast food industry has become one of the largest and most importantfood industry around the world. Bangladesh is also experiencing enormous popularity offast foods among most of the people. Because of its delicious taste, low price and quickservice, fast food is alluring more and more people, especially the youth, to fast foodrestaurants at their leisure periods and in the intervals of meeting or class. Fast foodrestaurants or cafes are growing at every corner of the country and serving a huge numberof visitors within a very short time. There are big fast food chain shops as well as roadsidesmall fast food retailers that are providing various types of fast foods. Today, fast foodrestaurants are not only serving the purpose of food consumption but also becoming theperfect places for Facebook check-ins and taking selfies. Since its growing popularity,researchers have been conducting multiple research projects on fast food industry andenlightening us with huge statistical information. Gradually researchers started to pay theirattention on the marketing strategy of fast food restaurants later on. But there are few oralmost no research projects found that focus on how customers feel about fast foodrestaurants in terms of location, price, order cycle time, facilities (such as WiFiconnection, washroom facilities), customer service, environment etc.Multiple research projects have been conducted to measure consumer attitude andbehavior towards specific fast food restaurants. These research projects have been usefulfor industry specialists, restaurant owners, managers and also for consumers. Day by daythese research works are being of great importance to relevant parties. Above all, theseresearch works are being greatly used for the development of fast food industry and forensuring adequate customer service and consumer satisfaction. These studies are trying toidentify consumer demands and expectations and evaluate their attitudes, beliefs andbehaviors. Similarly, these studies are also making consumers aware of their intrinsicfeelings and motives and letting them travel through the inner tunnels of their minds.


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