Cybercrime are any crimes that
involve a computer and a network. In some cases the computer may have been used
in order to commit the crime, and in other cases, the computer may have been
the target of the crime1. Cybercrime is defined as a crime in which a
computer is the object of the crime (hacking, phishing, spamming) or is used as
a tool to commit an offense (child pornography, hate crimes). Cybercriminals
may use computer technology to access personal information, business trade
secrets or use the internet for exploitive or malicious purposes. Criminals can
also use computers for communication and document or data storage. Criminals
who perform these illegal activities are often referred to as hackers2. All types of Cybercrime can be occured by
some hackers by their hacking. Cybercrime may threaten a person or a nation’s
security and financial health3. 

There are hundreds and hundreds definitions of
“hackers” on the Web. Combining it all together we get a computer  specialist, 
who enjoys  learning programming
languages and computer systems and can often be considered an expert on the
subject, who mastered  the art and
science of  making computers and software
do  much 
more  than the original designers  intended. “Hackers are computer
professionals, with skills… Hackers built the Internet. Hackers made the Unix
operating system what it is today. Hackers run Usenet. Hackers make the World
Wide Web work.  If you are part of this
culture, if you have contributed to it 
and  other people in it know who
you are and call you a hacker,  you’re  a hacker” (Raymond E., 2001).

 A person who
breaks into other people’s computer systems to get a kick out of it or who
intent to cause harm is a “cracker”. A hacker is a very talented programmer,
respected by his peers.  A true hacker
can find plenty of useful projects to work on; breaking things is more a characteristic
of children of any age. The basic difference is this: hackers build things;
crackers break them.

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Why Hackers do hacking?

Hackers infringe the laws for a
number of reasons such in the order from less harmful to
more serious  (if we can even classify them  this way). Hackers do

• Because they know how and can, either
being smart and figuring out how to, or getting the instructions and tools from

• Because they like the challenge to
break into something so secure.

• Because they get a trill of doing
illegal activities and hoping not to get caught.

• Because they seek publicity.

• Because they want to take a revenge.

• Because they are getting paid
(though most hackers are passionate about breaking into the system and do it
for free).


preventing attempt


Ø Hackers are not only educated. By educating yourself one can
put themself one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

Ø To preventing cybercrime one can use firewall for their
security software. If one have a home wireless network, obviously enable the
firewall that comes with their router4. 

Ø One should always be aware while they connect with social
media and be careful not to click on any links in messages from unknown people.

Ø From online shopping one need to be careful and do a little
investigation before payment information.

Ø One can update their using operating system and browser with
the latest security patches.

Ø Hackers can access data while it’s in transit on a unsecured
wireless network. So, one should use encrypted password in network.

Ø Strong password can go a long way in helping secure personal
information. So, choose a password that is at least 10 characters long and
consists of a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

Ø One should use their common sense whenever they are on


Cybercrime is occurring all the times around our nearest
environment and we are everyday being deceived by cybercrime. Hacking is the
most highlighting part of cybercrime. Hackers are always informative about
security system and also operating system. It is not easy to prevent them. So,
we have to be more sincere, aware and informative about everything. In this
case we have to backup our data regularly in case anything goes wrong, and
monitor our every types of accounts to make sure that a hacker has no stolen
our information or identity4. In this way we can protect cybercrime and


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