INTRODUCTION: be discarded after using it.The alcohols can

INTRODUCTION: The Pap smear test commonly known as papanicolaou test (cervical smear).The method of this test is to cervical screening which will be helpful to diagnose the pre-cancerous and cancerous present in the cervix which is the uterus or womb.DR.GEORGIOS PAPANICOLAOU discovered this test as his name represents it.This new approach was then carried out in cervical smear to detect cancer from the exfoliating cells. There are two types of methods to take Pap smear test wet fixation and air dried method.this study was taken to evaluate the possibility of standardised use of rehydration of air-dried cervical smears with the help of coconut oil. Wet fixation is the process of submerging of freshly prepared smears immediately in a liquid fixative.This method is said to be a ideal method for fixing all gynaecological and non-gynaecological smears and any of the  following alcohols can be used.All the alcohol fixatives should be discarded after using it.The alcohols can be used are 95% ethyl alcohol that is ethanol,ether alcohol mixture,100%methanol,80%propanol and isopropanol,Denatured alcohol.these are the alcohols can be used for wet fixation and the time fixation for this method is minimum 15 minutes prior to staining is essential.It will not affect the morphology of the cells even it is prolonged fixation for several days.Rehydration of air dried smears is unfixed ,the gynaecological air dried smears received from the peripheral areas can be used for papanicolaou staining by rehydration method.There are some simplest techniques for air dried cytological specimens they are 50% aqueous solution of glycerine for three minutes followed by two rinses in 95% ethyl alcohol,and then stained by the routine papanicolaou method.Anyway the Main background of this study is to find out the effect of rehydration on air-dried Pap smears and to compare them with conventional, wet-fixed smears. To reason that the air dried Pap smear is the easiest and convenient way to take and transport Pap smear than the wetfixed Pap smear.This study will bring out the air-dried cervical Pap smear as a routine with the commonly available rehydrant agent(coconut oil).