With all the praises to Allah (SWT), I am much delighted to submit this report after completion of two months Internship at NB bank. “A Study on Customer Service &Marketing Promotion of Nepal Bangladesh Bank limited” is the topic of this internship report. For the preparation of report, I have taken helps from different books, reports, brochures, internet, articles, websites etc. Moreover Corporate Executives and different concerned Professionals also helped me a lot whenever I was in need.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to my honorable supervisor Mr. Abdullahil Mamun, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Ill-JC for his positive supports, sincere cooperation and suggestive guidelines during the entire Internship phase. I would like to thank Engr. Mr. Riyaz Ahmad for helping me to get an internship placement in Nepal Bangladesh bank Limited. Thanks to Mr. Sachin Amatya, Manager/ln-charge at Nepal Bangladesh bank Limited for ensuring my internship placement in Customer service & MarketingPromotion Department and helping me to conduct Internship and report writing under his direct supervision. I am also grateful for his very unparallel efforts and helps, teaching me marketing and Promotional tactics and giving access to the most important data for my Internship report.

I must say my dear Maternal Uncle Dr. Amanatullah Khan proved as great support and help for me. His contributions and helps are worth appreciations. Lastly, Thanks to my dear All Brothers and all related persons helping me and to all my well wishers.