Internship is
and has always been a great learning platform; one can make mistakes and learn
for those mistakes, I believe it is a point from where we can start our career.
This internship has been a prospect for me to test drive a career that I am
interested in. I have always been enthusiastic to work in the Developmental
sector and contribute towards the development of the society. This internship
helps me to understand and access what it would really be like to work in the
developmental sector of Nepal and whether I am a great fir or not given my
qualification, skills, and experience.

This internship
has been a life changing and inspiring experience for me as I get to meet with several
local entrepreneurs of Dolakha who are involved in variety of business
activities ranging from cultivation of herbs (Chiraito, Bojho), Animal
husbandry (Pig, Goat and Chauri), Agriculture (Kiwi, Mushroom and Vegetables)
to manufacturing (Nepali hand paper and Yak cheese). Being born and raised in
the south-central part of Nepal (Chitwan) in the upper middle-class family I
have never been exposed to the rural areas of Nepal and for me the perception
of Nepal revolves around my locality and city areas as I have seen and lived
the vibrant city life and this internship has provided me to learn about my
country, its people, culture, most importantly I get to learn about the
society, its functioning and how the people of these areas are struggling in
their life as I get the first-hand experience of the rural life and get to live
their life even for short duration i.e. 90 days

I was very much
inspired by the peoples, their stories, their cultures and most importantly
their continuous struggle and hardship due to the lack of basic infrastructures
and facilities instigates the feeling to do something for the country and for
these peoples. What I like most about then was even though the hardships, and
difficult circumstances in their lives, the buds of aspiration and hopes were
shining in their face and their hospitality never lets me to miss my home, for
me it was like home away from home.

The most
valuable learnings for me from this internship was the life stories, experience
and entrepreneurial journey of the project proponents. How and what instigate
them to enter into the business, their struggle and hardships during their
entrepreneurial journey.

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Furthermore, I
get an opportunity to closely observe, monitor and evaluate several business
and entrepreneurial ventures, learn their business model and revenue models. In
addition, I also gain insights on some of the technical aspects the agriculture
and animal husbandry, my exposure to the field had helped me to gain insights
on Kiwi farming, Charui rearing, pig farming, goat farming and get to know the
medicinal benefits of Chiraito etc. and I believe this arsenal of knowledge
will be useful in my future endeavors.

Similarly, this
internship has been a platform for me to learn
new skills and improve existing one. By talking with the local peoples,
entrepreneurs and project proponents I get to know them, their story and
connect to them which is helping me build a rapport with them. A sense of
belongingness and similarly among these is helping me to enhance and improve my
interpersonal skills.

In addition,
being in constant touch with different peoples from different culture and
customs helps to develop me as the team player and advance my ability to work in diversity and makes me an effective team player which is crucial
competency and will be used throughout my professional and personal life.

Furthermore, I
believe that with the constant interaction with the peoples, their difficulties
and encounter with their emotions help me to improve my understanding on
emotions and how to deal with them which is directly accelerating my emotional intelligence skills.

being a business management student, I value personal relation, networks and
connection. This internship has exposed me to the wide diaspora of people from
different background, skills and experience enhancing my business network.

Similarly, Internship provided
me the platform and opportunity to implement my skills and knowledge acquired
from college and class room into practice. From this internship I become aware
that I possess the ability to recollect my scholarly knowledge, put it into
practical applications and make decisions independently. I was able to achieve
my objective with the help of resources available, support and motivation from
the supervisor and other members of the HIMALI project. I believe that I
succeeded in completing each task assigned to me properly, learnt real work
professionalism in this organization and developed my communication skills.

My supervisor has been incredibly
understanding, helpful and reliable. I learned so much from his positivity and
hard work. He had been a motivator and role model for me throughout my
internship period.  


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