How you intend to communicate your plans for the new product to the targeted market

To communicate to the targeted market can be done by selling or advertising the credit card to world. By introducing the benefit when purchase the credit card sure there must be young working people will attract to this, some of them are in a need of usage the credit card but don’t no to choose the right one. To dicit our target we have to find the right place and right time when to implement the credit card.


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Selling is a part of marketing system so to make a good communicate with the young working executives we must make a proper plan or designing a sales strategy. The sales strategy must be dicit the need and what they want from using the credit card. To make a sale the targeted people must be find and they must have some knowledge about the credit card to this can help us to communicate very easy. One of the selling strategy is set up customer service centre in all the branches when a customer were goes to the customer service centre they can be introduce about the new credit card.The second way is to promote some attracted gift, when the gift are attracted to the customer then they will find out where to get and known about this credit card plan.

Personal selling this would dicit the target by personally talk and ask questions to the young working people.Suppose all the young working executives will have their lunch hour around 12.00 to 13.00pm at this time we can promote the credit card to them and explain to them what are the benefit from getting a credit card.The selling strategy is emphasis us to justified about the profit that will be achieve when introduce the credit card to young working executives.


Advertising is the most important things to discover when introduce a new product in a market.This can lead the young working people towards us and they get to no about the credit card.Good and attracted advertisement is also mean a big changes to achieve our target.

There are a lot of kind of advertising to make it really known to the young people must find a correct purpose that is way.Many outlet and places must be advertised with this new credit card and the benefit about when purchase. To advertised the correct way we can ask people by questioning them what are this advertisement below are. If they understand and answer all the questions that we ask mean our advertising is dicit the targeted to communicate.