Intelligence is an inborn Quality that cannot be created. The intelligence of certain people isunmatchable , human society always needs such an intelligent brain. Unfortunately with the death of aperson his intelligence and knowledge is also lost.But with the blue brain technology it is possible to develop an artificial brain that can think, respond,take decisions and also store information.With this technology, the total information from a human brain can be uploaded into a computer, sothat even after the death of the person his knowledge and intelligence can be stored and utilised. Thevirtual brain can take decisions based on the past experiences and respond just like a natural brain.This is possible by making use of blue gene supercomputers with a huge amount of storage capacity.Uploading of data from brain to computer is possible by using small sized robots called nanobots thatcan travel throughout our circulatory system which help in monitoring the activity and structure ofcentral nervous system. This information can be entered into the supercomputer , then the systemcontinues to function accordingly.Innovations that can be introduced: Instead of using blue gene supercomputers with heavy storage tostore the data , TITAN Supercomputers can be used. Titan supercomputers are the most powerfulsupercomputers of the world which has 10 Petabytes of storage processing at 240 GB/sec. TheseTitan supercomputers can considerably reduce the storage and increase the speed. This paperdescribes in detail about how Titan supercomputers can efficiently improve the performance of bluebrain technology. Also there are instances where the decisions of computers might be wrong hence itwould be better if researchers and experts are appointed to make decisions on critical issues.Certain research and development takes years or even decades to complete, so that the knowledge andefforts of the scientist can be preserved even after his death.If implemented in the right manner, this project can create tremendous wonders in the field ofresearch and technology.


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