INNER SANCTUM. line has been drawn / headed for the big death / your everywhere is my nowhere / some things are better left broken and scattered / better left unsaid / frightened by tradition / caved in scar tissue / senseless quest for power / quest in lies / some things are better left broken and scattered / some truths must stay inside / reach for the junk, the poison / can you smell the cowardice in the air / never getting past the surface / hiding within the cancerous folds of unity / dream on / devaluated beyond recognition / conformity’s the axis upon which you spin / some things are better left broken and scattered / some truths must stay inside / luxury of fooling yourself / camouflage for true motives / mind-forged manaclesInner sanctum (Photo: KAVV)Writing songs. Writing lyrics. Life is nothing but grey area, infinite shades of grey even though writing more often than not just seems black and white. Do I have more than one story to tell? You write about your experiences. The transient nature of love. Obsessive. Obsessions. As the years pass, it may be sensible to give up the obsessions that have made you miserable, especially when you no longer recall why they have become obsessions in the first place. Melancholic. Dependent of the whims of Euterpe. Trying to turn confessional crap into something that makes a modicum of sense. Oh Erato, I call upon thee!There is the theory that each writer has merely one story to tell and they keep milking it over and over again. Maybe different points of view, different metaphors, different figures of speech. Progressively upping the ante. Another autobiographic extract. Does not any work of art worth its salt have to be, to some extent, autobiographical? Language a salve to longing. Not a single thing comes easy apart from anger, fear, apathy, and depression. Repetitively and compulsively exploring the darker neither regions of your heart. Drowning Melpomene in the warm bath of misery. No forgiving you. Running at the propeller and being cut into pieces. Flying versus falling – a subtle difference in outcome.Beating the shit out of yourself as the ultimate self-indulgence. Guilt. Radiating self-loathing. Carrying the cross. Narcissism. Boring. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Negativity is en vogue. Knowing the power of your imperfections. Not giving in to feelings. Relying on your brain, disregarding blatant facts. Hegel? Is what is rational actual and what actual rational? Kierkegaard? Either or? You will end up regretting both, rue either decision. Dead alive, meow Schrödinger? Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards. All you can do is try to not give a toss and go ahead. There is nothing to be scared of and everything to do.


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