Informative Speech BY valpa1562 Topic and Purpose As I evaluate my informative speech on how working is contributed to wellness especially for adults with mental illness. In addition as this was not my original speech due to certain circumstances it was aimed to get out the word to others that employment has been contributed to adult’s recovery, and wellness. Organization I did feel that my speech was well organized particularly at the beginning which gave the audience an understanding how important work is by the opener. The major unction of the speech was to show statistically how working is beneficial to overall well-being, and health.

I felt that I actually improved with my conclusion from my last speech, and gave an over view of all the benefits that adults may having returning to work. In addition I felt that my main points were clear as I would reiterate the importance of returning to work. In addition I also felt that I use connectives in the appropriate places in my outlines. In addition I felt Connectives are essential to help the audience focus on main ideas without having them guess which ideas are important. Support As I delivered my speech I felt that I gave the audience several statistics that could give me the speaker credibility.

In addition I also choose a topic that I knew a lot about since I have been working with adults with Mental Illness for over 15 years, and have spent the last 9 years assisting adults with mental illness obtain employment. My particular favorite part of the speech was my opener as I felt that it really got the attention of the audience when I did my first speech. When I reviewed my conclusion I also enjoyed this part of the speech as I had listed many benefits that returning to ork that would be easy to understand to the audience.

Also I must add the importance of choosing a topic that truly interests you as it really prevails during the speech, and when speaking about a topic you like gains confidence when delivering. Delivery While delivering my speech I felt that I had set it at a good pace without rushing which had improved from my first speech. I strongly feel when you are the presenter your audience automatically assumes that you are more on the subject matter than they do on the topic. In addition they assume you have more than normal knowledge f the subject.

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As I delivered I remembered that I dont have to be the absolute expert on the subject, but I need to have enough knowledge to answer questions related to my topic as this seems to reduce my anxiety. In addition I did however notice when I talk I make some facial movements such as closing my eyes, and found my facial movements slightly odd which gave me more self-awareness for my next speech. While I reviewed my speech I noticed that I could of used a few more pauses as when I get nervousness I tend to increase the speed, although it wasn’t to oticeable I did notice my nervousness slightly.

I also thought my first speech looked different, however since I had to re-record feeling bothered by issues it may have transferred over into the delivery of my speech. My overall assessment of my speech was that it had a good opener, and conclusion. Also with my assessment of my speech the body was well organized, and felt that I did a good Job of getting the message that was intended for the audience. I also felt though I could use some improvement in my eye contact, and facial expressions as it ould be distracting.

If I had the opportunity to do my speech again some of the changes I would make would include better eye contact, and less facial expressions. Transitions are used to indicate movement from a completed thought to a new thought. Transitions indicate what idea is being left and what idea is coming up. Although I felt that I used transitions I could have improved in this area. Also I would hope that my personal hardships would not transfer over to my speech, and would like a greater audience as I originally had.


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