Information Systems and Communication

The report that im doing is going to be about how a business use communication within there company and how they process it. I will Research how new technology has changed a company with there communication externally and internally. In a company they use ICT to order online and have full embraced ICT in the workplace to make the business run Smoothly, EDI, Spreadsheet to keep the information that is vital to the company. Also I will show how intranet and internet is useful within the Company.

I will explain how information circulates from the different Areas within the business and how ICT has made it easy and possible to store large amounts of information about their customers. Most Companies store private and important information about their customers. This information has to be stored because it is needed to bill their customers and also to advertise Products so that they can interest and invite customers to Buy Things in there shops. I will research two companies and gather three documents from each and analyze there personal information.

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To do this I will use the internet and email Business. Nature, purpose and use of information. Information In a company is vital so that they can get orders processed and sent out to there customers. There are different types of information which is private within a company. This includes Personal details like phone numbers, house addresses, bank account details etc. The information is received on an order form which is received via the internet or even through the post. Below this is an example of an ordering form and shows how information is communicated through ordering forms.

This is an Ordering form from EasyJet the airline company which is used to process and book flights for customers. The use of ICT to process information Technology used in companies which include video conference, Fax, Mobile Phones, Text messaging and Email. Easy Jet uses all these types of communication that I have mentioned above. Below are explanations of why EasyJet use these. Video Conference- EasyJet would use this for meetings. The president would normally use video conferencing if he’s in a different country and cannot attend the meetings at the mean HQ.

Fax- If there is important information from the checkout desk which says a person is late for there flight they will send it to the customer service desk in the airport So that if the customer arrives late they can show the information to say that they were late. Mobile Phones- They would use there mobile phones in the airport for example, There’s a Disabled customer is in a wheelchair and she needs to be on the aircraft then they would use a Phone to tell the Captain what is happening Email- EasyJet would use email to send messages to staff that work in the airport or even staff that work in the HQ.

Internet- Forums and webpage’s can be used to see if the reviews of a company would be good or bad. Intranet- this is internal use only so people can set up accounts and send information to each other. How information circulates within an organization There are many documents which may be used within organizations. This would include such things as notifications, stock order forms, receipts invoices and payslips. These are explained in a bit more detail below: Invoices are essential in any successful company. Invoices are needed so that the company knows what it is ordering from other companies and retail services.

They would hold an invoice for evidential proof. As well as the company the invoice would be used in customer’s basis as well. Stock order forms would be used daily especially in a company such as Sainsbury’s. Its customers have to know what is on offer and what is in the shop. It’s Vital to keep stock levels in a good condition because due to the type of business if they didn’t use a stock order form the company would go bust or would be doing good trade. Receipts are used in the company for themselves and for the customers.

The company need there receipts so that they know what stock they have. They also give there customers receipts so that they know what they buy or encase they lift something accidental. If a problem ever occurs the employee has written evidence to show to their manager. Payslips show the staff of each company what hours they’ve worked and how much they have been paid. How organization use the Internet and Intranets Organizations use the internet and intranet for many things within there company. Below I will describe how a company would use information within the intranet and internet.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using the internet. The internet is used by an organization so that it can expand there business a cross the world. Many companies might not expand there business across the world and might want to keep it with a region. The internet might not be safe at times due to computer hackers taking peoples credit card details which puts places out of business and causes damage to peoples credit cards. But many people would use the internet to buy things because it is easy to access and u can do it within the comfort of your own home or workplace.

You can get access to anything whist on the internet. For example many companies would use the Internet to buy things off retailers because it is easy to access and it is easy to understand. The intranet is internal. Things like email, memos, internal documents, internal policies, plans; information for personnel is used within a company. The company would use this regular to communicate with its workers so that people know what is going on within the company. Only people inside the company can use the intranet.