Influence gadgets for children.

As the times progressed, technology became more
sophisticated. If in ancient times people only used letters to communicate but
now it is very rare, now there are more sophisticated communication tools that
can be a means of communication. Among them are mobile phones.

Who does not know mobile phones in this era? Even until
little children know about it. Generally, people are now using smartphones.
Children today or is trending kids age now. Using a smartphone is not just for sending
messages or calling, more than that. Now the features offered on various brands
of smartphones is very diverse.

Children can use for a variety of activities that are
positive in their intellectual development. for example, children can search
for teaching materials from lessons that can be attended school on the
smartphone, papers, articles, or scientific papers though. Of course, it will
benefit the child.

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Children can also download useful learning videos. The
child can also update his knowledge of the latest news happening in any part of
the world. Thus the knowledge and intellectual ability of the child will

However, in the implementation environment, there are
children who deviate from the supposed. There are children who only use their
smartphone for negative things. Among them, playing games, watching porn
videos, playing gambling. And there are to make a certain gank and mutually
cornering one with the other until finally happened brawl.

Of course, it happens because of several things

1.Lack of supervision from parents to children.

Sometimes there are parents who only provide facilities
to children without directing the child how to use properly. And not
infrequently the children of a very simple family, because the child forced to
buy then parents buy. In the end, the child is too far in using it because
parents are unable to watch them.

2. The next factor could be because the environment that
supports the child to not discipline.

As an example of a school environment, schools should
implement strict rules regarding child discipline. For example, it is not
justified to bring a smartphone to school, if caught using a smartphone for
negative things children should be given hard sanctions. If we teachers in the
school environment are not willing to guide and supervise the child in that
case they believe the quality of the younger generation in the future will be
increasingly dilapidated. And of course, can not be separated from the
community’s contribution to the child. The community also has to work together
to build a dignified young generation for the sake of maintaining the identity
of the nation.


Technological developments have a positive and negative
impact. Positive impacts, among others, facilitate communication so as to
strengthen unity. Make it easy to update news from all over the world, making
it easier to find reference reading materials to add insight and save time.

But of course there are negative impacts, among others:

1. Children become busy with smartphones so lazy to

2. Children are too free to access the things contained
on the smartphone so that the rise of children who watch porn videos and fall
into free sexs.

3. The occurrence of violence against children. Like a
kidnapping through the Maya world.

4. Children become addicted to the smartphone until there
are children who stress if far apart with the smartphone. really tragic.

Of all the things above us as teachers should be very
wise in addressing technological developments. teachers must be very careful in
guiding and fostering children in the school environment for our future
generation the better.



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