Report Deals with the Reflection of my past which lead to change the future. Reflection is Important for the self
development of an individual which plays a major role in developing as it help
in learning from experience. Reflection helps in reviewing the work constantly
from the learning and the experience. The main purpose of this report is
to present my personal records and include my thoughts and experiences.


name is Prashanth Ananthune. I am from Hyderabad which is located in southern
part of India. I am pursuing International Business Management in St. Clair College
which is helping in strict training to become a qualified professional person
in the society with high qualities. It was always a great dream of mine to live
and work in a foreign country and I’m really excited that it came as reality. I
am really much fascinated by the landscape of Canada. The reason I’m here is, I
want to amplify my knowledge to the next level of understanding the global
market. There are many things that I still want to do, to achieve, yet I feel
that my knowledge is not sufficient to achieve my goals and I feel that I lack
formal education in International Business Management at the PG specialization
I am into. I am now confident that at this junction of my career path, I am
suitably equipped with an ability to easily cope up with the curriculum and
academic rigor of the Post markets to expand the firm worldwide.

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 Educational Background

have completed my Post Graduation Diploma in management with the specialization
in Finance and Marketing in 2016.After that I was worked in an organization
called Axis Bank as an assistant manager for 1 year. My high school education comprising
of  Maths, Economics, Commerce drove me
to pursue this field.

Family Background

plays a vital role in every person’s life because it gives a Motivation and
Determination to the future. Family always loads a positive energy in us. As I
like said my family is typically an Indian family, where they are very much
particular about Indian traditions and cultures. My father is Hero to me since
he showed me how to confront any terrible circumstance in life. My mother is a
home maker and kind hearted person where I learnt how to love foe moreover. I
have a more youthful sibling, who is doing his secondary school thinks about
and showed to me adolescence once more. Though my parents were not so educated
they want their children to study and occupy an honorable position in the
society. That’s why they gave me the best in terms of education, lifestyle and
other things.

                                 My friends
resemble second family since I learnt numerous things from them and how to
contend the world. They are there in every obstacle of my life like my family.
Having and surrounded by these people gives me an immense energy in my life.



to Present

can say that I am a responsible and a hard-working student. I have very few
friends since I’m not that social with people because I am introvert. I like to
deal with challenging tasks. I am a very enthusiastic student and I think this
is a strong point of mine. As far as I can remember, I was always trying to do
things by myself.  I am a strict enforcer of doing things myself to ensure
that the results are to my liking. In my sixth grade, when all my other classmates
had got the assignments and project done with the help of their parents, I
would proudly say that I did mine by myself. Even in my high school, when my
science teacher assigned a group project on Solar System, I have researched the
information, made the report and prepared a PowerPoint presentation all on my
own interest. I gained such high interest only because of my parents. My
parents were not so educated. My father was a farmer in our village. Our
villages used to have schools only till fifth grade. So, they don’t want me
grew as uneducated in the village. This was the only reason, we moved to the
city nearby. Hence, they gave me the best in terms of education, lifestyle and
other things.

I was in India though I am hard working, Responsible and energetic person I  lack 
some of the skills such as Practical Knowledge. I didn’t know the
strategy to apply my  theoretical
knowledge to the practical world. But after coming to Canada while pursuing
International Business Management I am getting specialized in many areas. As said
previously, I am an introvert. But now I am socializing with the people.  I came across people of specified culture and
diversity. I am getting myself indulged in social activities. There seems to be
an enormous change in my presentational skills compared to past. Now I am
well-trained and hence confident to give presentations either individual
presentation or in group. Also there is an improvement in my communication
skills comparatively. I have gained knowledge to write business report writing.
 As English is not my mother tongue it
took me some time to obtain fluency. Altogether they result in developing my
soft skills. I am strongly determined to keep practicing what I learn and excel
in these areas every moment. Below is my



Team Worker
Creative and Adaptable
I have good analytical skills
I am good at Planning
Work Experience
Highest Degree

Despite what people might think I
am low in confidence and self –esteem
Lack of communication skills
Sometimes Easily diverted

Learning Soft skills
Studying International Business
Management gives Global Opportunities

Future is uncertain

Future Aspect

successful completion of the Post Graduate Program in International Business
Management & Freight Forwarding and Logistics I shall be well equipped with
specialized career expertise, technical knowledge and skills required to work
in banks, financial institutions, retail, insurance, freight forwarding,
brokerage houses, consulting firms and international business in India. Down
the line I would like to see myself as an established professional where in I
get a chance to perform well in my work. I would like to be a person with
recognizable character. I am highly interested to indulge in social activities
and like to be a role model to my siblings.

                          “The Future depends
on what we do in the Present”       

-Mahatma Gandhi


Overall, I could see lots of changes in me after moving to Canada from my
hometown. I have learned to be independent and grow as an
individual. It impacted on my behavior and changed my attitude, lifestyle &
motivated me to succeed in my life. “The Secret of change is to focus all of
your energy, not on fighting the old, But on Building the New”.


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