In today’s society, we often see many state that one specific gender has more advantages and privileges than that of its respective counterpart. However, this is simply not the case.The issue that is in question is gender equality. This is a social issue has been addressed in both logical/philosophical literature and mass media sources. You see, there’s this preconceived notion that the male gender has more benefits and advantages than the female gender. However, this is simply not true at all, as both genders, male and female, equally have the same opportunities to pursue whatever it is that they like. Stereotypically, women are known as the ones to stay home, cook, and clean, while the men are out working. However, times are changing. The outlook on women are also changing. Due to the rise and superiority of social media in the 21st century, women and girls worldwide have been given a new uplifting voice that has never been seen before. Despite this new voice, there are cases of gender disparities in various occupations and industries.     The roles that men and women play in society are not biologically determined. Rather, they are socially determined, constantly changing. And while certain religions or cultures back up these social beliefs, these roles vary widely by locality and evolve over time. Efforts to promote women’s empowerment should ensure that cultural considerations are respected, while women’s rights are upheld. Even in the most advanced countries, their wages average 73 percent of those of men. Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in their lifetime. In the developing world, 1 in 7 girls is married before her 15th birthday, with some children being as young as 8 or 9 years old. Every year, out of 287,000 women, 99 percent of them in developing countries, die from pregnancy, and childbirth-related complications. While women make up more than 40 percent of the agricultural labor force, only 3 to 20 percent are landholders. In Africa, women-owned enterprises make up as little as 10 percent of all businesses. In South Asia, that number is only 3 percent. And despite representing half the global population, women comprise less than 20 percent of the world legislators.     While it may seem that there is gender equality in the workplace, statistics show that is simply not true. According to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of “Lean In”, “while workplace equality seems to be slowing or even stalling, nearly 50% of men and one-third of women don’t find the fact that only 10% of senior executives are women at all troubling.”.  McKinsey & Company, a business organization, also state that “Women are less likely to receive the first critical promotion to manager. Corporate America promotes men at 30 percent higher rates than women during early career stages”. This shows that men are more likely hired for a higher position than women.    The same controversial issue is also apparent in the sports industry. According to Lahnee Pavlovich, Head of Research and Writing for Athletes Assessment, “In the United States, 40% of sportspeople are women, however only 6-8% of the total sports media coverage is devoted to them. And women-only sports stories add up to just 3.5% of all sports stories in the four major US newspapers”. Regardless of what people may say about women’s sports, calling it uninteresting and uneventful, it’s actually quite the opposite, as women’s sports are just as exciting and interesting as men’s sports. The only difference is the lack of sponsorships, media coverage, and salary. For example, when comparing the salaries of WNBA players to their male counterparts, the difference is beyond obvious. Jessica Dickler, personal finance writer for, states that, “The average salary of the WNBA starts at around $50,000 and caps at $110,000. By comparison, the starting salary for the NBA is about $560,000, according to published reports”. To put into perspective, many WNBA players, despite choosing a career in professional basketball, still leave college with their degree in hand, due to the fact that they most likely know that the salary of the WNBA won’t be enough to support them, or their families. Comparing that to the NBA, many players leave college after only 1 year, with no degree whatsoever. Yet, they still make more than not only the WNBA, but also everyone else combined. It would take WNBA players 5 or more years to earn what NBA players make in 1 year.The way women are presented on social media depicts this false notion on how a woman’s body should look. Women these days are dissatisfied with their bodies and are willing to go to the extreme in order to obtain a body that not only pleases themselves, but also the men around them. According to Kasey L. Serdar, Ph.D., and licensed psychologist, “Females of all ages seem to be particularly vulnerable to disturbance in this area; body dissatisfaction in women is a well-documented phenomenon in mental health literature.”; Unrealistic expectations by men of how women should look or behave”; Psychological disorders such as body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia, bulimia and so on”; The importance of physical appearance is emphasized and reinforced early in most girls’ development”. To reiterate, this itself shows that women are extremely self-conscious about their physical appearances, and are very sensitive to any comments made about their body. Time and time again, we see women, especially teenage girls, binging and purging in order to “achieve” an unrealistic, and unhealthy body physique. This often leads to bulimia, other eating disorders, and more often than not, death.       Gender equality is also a global issue. There are still many laws that prohibit gender equality. Christina Nunez, Editor for Global Citizen, states that, “In Saudi Arabia, a fatwa (Islamic ruling) states that women should not drive because doing so could lead to the removal of the hijab, interactions with men, and “taboo” acts”. She also states, “Egyptian law protects honor killings. If the husband catches his wife committing adultery and kills her on the spot, the law states that he will be punished with detention instead of stricter penalties prescribed for other murders”. These laws are a prime example of how women are viewed in 3rd world countries. To put into perspective on how cruel and unusual the treatment of women is, girls in Cameroon often have to have their chests “ironed” so that the males aren’t sexually attracted, or stimulated. Additionally, in the middle east, women are forced to wear clothing that covers every single bit of skin, all because men cannot control their sexual desires. This alone is the definition of oppression, as well as inequality.         Gender equality is the basic building block for human rights. It must not only be reinforced, but also sustained over time. .If we aren’t able to even .Promoting and being an agent of change to empower women leads to progress in achieving these development goals.United Nations Development Program states that they are looking at three main issues which are “Sustainable development,inclusive and exclusive democratic governance and risk of prevention and resilience.”.Although United Nations development program are partners among the United Nations system,people must give special attention to women,to eradicate any forms of discrimination or violence.In brief we live in a world filled with social justice issues.As man or woman we have the voice to change it and we can be an agent of change.Gender equality is no laughing matter and can be told from different countries and different races saying the same issue.As a matter of fact men can be affected by gender equality.From the past where cultural practices are formed and is used till present to create these boundaries to silence women.In some countries women are silenced or discriminated.It is important to know the differences of both gender are not important because they are human beings and should not follow the gender stereotype,hence they must be treated equal under any circumstances.


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