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In the period called The Middle Ages made numerous of progress despite the enormous downside. The main reasons why it’s called the dark ages is of the following things: the fall of Rome, plague, a small ice age, peasant revolt, The Great Schism, and finally the Hundred Year War. Rome fell in 276 AD which later was made up 1000 years later as The Middle Ages. It all start with a some man you launched a war against the city of Rome. It was know that they weren’t given much choice to attack then for the third time. After the fall of Rome there was a small outbreak of ice age which had a huge impact as it caused many health hazards, food, and water problems. As for The Great Schism it caused a huge controversy in terms of politics and economic issues in Rome. The Black Death was one of the biggest effects in Europe about 1000 years ago which is also known as the plague. In the following paragraphs you will be informed on the changes were made in the plague. Many people started to make huge changes to their lifestyle. As of now people have made many theories in regards of The Black Death. The plague is known as one of the most deadly diseases to ever exist which lasted from 1347 to 1352. It was said that the plague had to been a result of three different plagues. Which consisted of Bubonic plague, Septicemic plague, and pneumonic plague. (Smith 507) It had all start simply by a flea infecting a rat which was the first host carrier. Which I personally could only image the fear we all people could have that something so small can kill so many. After the rodent was infect with the disease it bite a human which infected the humans bloodstream. The transportation was common or associated as the Bubonic plague. Another way that it can be transmitted is airborne particles. As The Pneumonic Plague attaches itself to the lungs which is projected by someone simply coughing and sneezing. Many people could be walking into a something unknown and completely invisible to the eye as a bystander breaths in the disease. In Mayo Clinic states, “The plague consisted of: high fever, body aches, vomiting blood, and groins which caused blackish skin.” This are a few of the reasons why the plague was known as The Black Death. Many speculated on what the plague had accrued which some seems possible as others more of a personal thought. The town people believed the reasoning for the outbreak was bought by the Jewish settlers. As other went in the religions routine as they thought of many spiritual truths. People began to assume that the people who got the disease was being punished by God. In 1349, there were people called Flagellant who were fanatics in the Middle Age. Flagellant were people who would punish themselves with a whip that sometimes had needles as they trucked there back. The reasoning behind these fanatics doing this was so God would not punish them. When it first struck Europe many went into panic mode and feared on how they were going to survive. As many people decided to flee and settle elsewhere in hopes of living. The people settling in the countryside they only spread the disease as they already were infected with it. Since they moved to this place that only meant to be a safe place only made it worse as they affected the country people. As in any bad situation people in The Middle Ages began to blame people as they felt they needed to do so. In Europe, Christians began to persecute and blame the Jewish for the bad luck they had brought to them. In that time of age European people were really racist against Jewish people who had recently settled. Numerous of children were being left behind by their parents. In the dark ages it was thought to have been the end of the as body were dropping and the disease was growing. The children weren’t the only ones suffering from the plague as the church was being affected as well. Years before the plague began the church was really powerful establishment as the plague started it went down. As people thought God was to blame for and the church began to suffer from the start to the end of the plague. The priest and bishop couldn’t explain what was the reasoning for the plague. Since the church couldn’t answer the reason behind the disease spread and the people became infuriated. The town began to believe they were being punished by God for all there sins.