In urgent. Breast cancer, is widely seen tumor

In today’s world Breast
cancer is one of the major problem faced by women . Identifying cancer is the
primitive  stage and is still
challenging. The diagnosis and treatment of the breast cancer have become an
urgent. Breast cancer, is widely seen tumor 
in Indian women . Early treatment of breast cancer have become an
extremely crucial  work to do, not only
helps to cure cancer but also helps in curative of its occurence.  Today , there are different  kinds of methods and data mining techniques
and various process like knowledge discovery 
are developed for predicting the breast cancer.  As per the study , we perform a comparison of
different classification and clustering algorithms.  Various classification algorithms and the
clustering algorithm are used. The result indicate that the classification
algorithms are better predictors than the clustering algorithm.


Now-a-days breast
cancer is common in women. Predicting breast cancer is as important as its
treatment. Breast cancer is the most common cause of death among women. If
breast cancer predicted at its earlier stages, better treatment can be provided
which enable the person to survive. Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
has become an urgent work to perform. Different data mining methods are used to
retrieve valuable information from large databases inorder to make decisions to
provide better health services.

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 Breast cancer begins with the abnormal growth of some
breast cells . These cells divide more rapidly and continue to accumulate than
healthy cells do, forming a lump or mass. These cells may grow  through your breast to your lymph nodes or to
other parts of your body. Breast cancer varies on the basis of age groups, it
is less common at a young age (i.e., in
their thirties), younger women lean to have more aggressive breast cancers than
older women.

In this paper we perform comparison on different
classification as well as clustering algorithm to predict breast cancer. A
number of attributes are used in performing comparison, they
include……………………………. These attributes are compared to find the best classification