In this image above it highlights the potential severity of
harm and likelihood of harm occurring in a laboratory or any other workspace
hazards. The image above has a grade a system which instructs the potential
user of the equipment the types of risks they could be handling, the grade
system of the hazard is done by accessing the likelihood of the harm occurring
graded from 1-3, and multiplying it by the potential severity of harm also
graded from 1-3. This grading system instructs the potential user of the
hazards he will be encountering ranging from 1 being the lowest and 9 being the

The Table Below will analyse the type of equipment’s we’ve
have been introduced to by the risk assessment technicians in the laboratory
room RVMB036. As shown in the table below it analyse the types of hazards which
occurs for example, abrasives, noise, cables, airborne dust particles, ventilation,
manual handling etc. Protections in place for these hazards were emergency stop
buttons for encase of a fire, demonstrations and supervision by the technicians,
fully displayed regulation of equipment, cables were tucked out of the way.
These are very simple insurances that the individual’s cooperation is obliged
in order to avoid the hazards from occurring. Majority of the equipments in the
laboratory is graded as level of risk of 1, these hazards are well controlled
and contained which is why supervision isn’t needed, its mostly trivial and
incase of it happening simple precautions made to prevent it from leading to a
serious risk.

From the examples above which is most likely to occur in a
laboratory when can take the example of noise from a particular equipment,
which could lead to severe hearing damages which has been graded of outcome of
2 which is tolerable, in the laboratory it has been evaluated that this
particular cases won’t be an issue because it’s high unlikely to occur because
of the preparations that has been used to prevent this risk to develop all the
equipment’s are highly experimented on and passed the health and safety
regulations to fully reduces future risks. But even though the laboratory takes
extra precautions to allow the individual to
comprehend the unlikely risks they’ll be
encountering in using this particular equipment. It also advised
to even further reduce the risk the individual should cover their ears with special
type of head equipment. 

Another example of hazards which could most likely occur in
the laboratory which is graded to be 3 which is moderate is the use of the
equipment such as abrasives, cables, fire. The use of these needs  special attention and supervision which why
its grade to be 3. In the case of a fire there’s many safety precautions which
is undertaken to fully reduce a serious risk such as different labelled fire
extinguishers depending on the type of fire, also other precautions such as quickly
and safely exiting the laboratory is encouraged to stop further risks, left
around cables is also encouraged to be safely removed because it could cause injury
to an individual.

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In the laboratory the most dangerous type of hazard to occur
is graded to be 4 which is also moderate The table shows some hazards that have
a risk level of 4, including machinery and water. These hazards have a higher
rating than those with a level 3 rating because they are more likely to occur
than those above, but could also be harmful if they were to occur. There are
existing precautions for these hazards including signage, emergency stop
buttons and protective clothing, and also designated areas for certain
activities such as hand washing. Further precautions that can be taken in the
future can include supervision to make sure machinery is being used correctly
and that all machines and taps are turned off after use.


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