In The economy of US slowly improved the

In 2008 the recovery of financial crisis speed has been slowand that means the slow recovery of financial crisis is the signs of constant weaknessthe rules, does not follow the gross domestic products and also in the recoveryof financial crisis inclination growth has been slow and dejected day by daybefore the crisis.·        The economy of US slowly improved the recession from2007 to 2009.·        US provide no support in the history of linking highunemployment and also low employment in the present recovery of the financialcrisis of 2007-2008.·        The current recovery and the recovery after given the fullof depression there is no deference but both are differ from another recovery.·        The dissuasions about the recovery has echo permanentexplanation of the great depression on overall demand or focusing on governmentpolicies which is increase frequently or uncertainly or decrees theirproductivity.

The immediate answer is financial crisis is usually giveslarge permanent bad impact on the level of economic activity. if we talk about classicstudy then Cerra and Saxena in 2008 concentrate at theeffects of the financial crisis by using a 10 years panel of 190 countries from1960 to 2001.The highest output loss estimatedfrom a financial crisis and their given examples is almost 80% with the lossesof output which is around 7% at 10 years that was down to earth but it seemslike touch to sky. Cerra and Saxena’s give their result with criticizedtheir assumption and they gave particular account difference not all over accursedthe countries.Conclusion:In 2008 financial crisis has been coming out the growth of economictotally disappointing in the compassion with the recoveries of other previousrecessions. If we think to return to much more normal development of ratesafter 2015, then it hides the weakness of the good clearing effects and it madethe long term loss to the economic level activity by the crisis.



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