In structure is both a strong argument and

In order to promote F1,the agency has decided to design a concept that will target millennials withits effective and powerful message, to play on the individuals need for anunbeatable experience.

Having a well-defined desire of the target market’sresponse, our agency turned to developing an effective message.Our message should beinteresting, action filled, attention grabbing whilst arousing desire andstraight to the point. The agency will be using the AIDA model framework whichadvocates the required qualities of a good message. In putting the messagetogether, the team had to decide the message content and the message structure.The message content will play on the emotional appeal. The message structure isboth a strong argument and at the same time leaves it to the audience, as it istheir choice whether to choose to drive or not. In this scenario, we are hopingthat the public especially the millennial market give strong attention to themessage with the hopes they don’t find it anticlimactic.

(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006, p.434-435)


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