In the essay “A Hanging” written by George Orwell,
he describes his experience of witnessing an execution of a prisoner.
Throughout the essay, Orwell shows his disproval for capital punishment. The
statement “He and we were a party of men” is significant to the essay because
it shows that the man being executed was just like any other person. The
prisoner was completely healthy and had many more years of life to live. He was
a man who was “walking, seeing, hearing, feeling, and understanding the same
world” just like the men who were involved in or witnessing the execution. In
the essay when the man was being taken to the gallows to be executed, he
avoided walking through a puddle on his way there. This little detail is
extremely significant because it shows that he like any other person avoided
the puddle. It did not matter that he was going to be executed moments later
but he cared about his feet getting wet. We would assume that he would not care
about his feet getting wet because he was going to die regardless, but he cared
because he was still alive and completely aware of everything around him. The
statement, ” he and we were a party of men” shows that the execution does not
only affect the person being executed but it also affects everyone else who is
involved. Orwell states that “Everyone had changed color…the same thought was
in all our minds: oh kill him quickly, get it over”. This statement describes
the jailer’s state of mind, it shows that he is feeling anxious and fearful. It
is the thought of ending the life of a man who is perfectly healthy and
conscious that torments the jailers. After the execution takes place the men
seem relieved and cheerful and this is odd because when a person dies, mourning
the death is the usual reaction. The men reacted this way because they were
relieved that the execution was done. For the men watching it was torture to
watch the execution of a healthy and conscious man. In his essay, Orwell
portrays the misery and agony of people who have to witness or be involved in
an execution. The burden isn’t the prisoners to carry alone but also everyone


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