In pants, a long-sleeved shirt, sturdy shoes, and


In conclusion, the earthquake is
natural disasters that are not a frequent occurrence, but when earthquakes
occur, the damage it caused is insurmountable. Everyone should know some tips
to escape from the earthquake. To survive the disaster in the best possible
condition. At last, no
matter how strong the earthquake is, if only we have the belief to defeat it
and never give up, we must be able to overcome any difficulties.

After the earthquake, check yourself
for injuries and try to move to the safe place, stop the gas and fire in the
house. Try to find long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, sturdy shoes, and work
gloves. This will protect you from further damage by the ruins. If you can’t find
an escape route from the ruins as far as possible to conserve your strength, the
stone can be issued by the percussion sound of the object, send out a distress
signal for help. Reckless action will consume a lot of energy, as far as
possible to control the emotion and wait for the arrival of rescue workers.

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Second, people should keep calm when
earthquakes occur. If you are at home when the earthquake, do not stay in bed
or stand in the middle of the room, and it cannot hide behind the window, not
close to the wall is not solid, not broken window to escape. It is very risky
to try to get out of the building during an earthquake because it is possible
that debris can fall on you. If people live in high rise buildings, do not
attempt to use the elevators. Usually, the circuit of the building will be
damaged. Then, move a few steps to a nearby small room (because of the reasons
for architectural design, most of the small room in the building have
load-bearing walls). To be honest, the load-bearing walls are strong enough to
save your life, it is difficult to break down.

First of all, people should check the
safe areas before the earthquake and do some escape drills in the daily life
that people can escape more quickly when the earthquake occurs. It is important
to make up a plan to deal with earthquakes, such as contacting family after the
earthquake, learning to turn off the gas, water, and electricity. Don’t put
heavy objects on shaky shelves, it will fall during an earthquake.

Earthquake is a natural disaster,
always threatening the lives of people. On May 12th, 2008, a terrible
earthquake took place in Sichuan. Most houses fell down. Thousands of people
were killed or injured and the whole cities were destroyed. This earthquake is
like nature reminds us that although the science and technology have greatly
improved. People’s ability to defend against natural disasters is still limited.
So, it is important to understand what to do in case of an earthquake.