In the republic of Ghana
has discussed about the linguistic minorities for a long time. Ghana also have numerous regards very comparative to other African where multilingualism is the standard. Rather a number of linguistic communications of the world may be considered threatened. In fact, both official and unofficial linguistic information
from about the globe look to indicate
that in the past couple of centuries alone, more than two thousand languages have been lost to humanity. Seem to happen to the republic of Ghana as well. 


As a background history of Africa, the bulk of African
countries is multilingual. Only very few of these countries have what can be remotely identified as a definite language policy. This circumstance is not the most excellent since a great dialect policy will shape the course of dialect instruction. Political dominance and social powers among the causes of dialect move in Africa. All of these wonders apply to the Ghanaian scene where English, the dialect of the colonial experts, has applied a part of weight on all the nearby dialects to the degree that a part of children born to Ghanaians at the beat of the socio-economic step talk as it were English at domestic. For these individuals, at slightest, English is a more prestigious and, conceivably, superior dialect to the Ghanaian ones. The issues in Ghana are more increase and need of genuine. For illustration. To begin with is the need of secondary school instructors of African languages, particularly well-trained graduates. ii. Small eagerness in consider of African dialects by understudies and particularly their parents since of the status and accentuation on English in most anglophone African nations. iii. Insufficient supply of course readings. iv. Insufficient instructing assets. v. Insufficient assessment and testing strategies, and at long last for him, vi. The most critical reason why the educating of African dialects is so lacking is since of the abandons in the educational programs.


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