In the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, a group of young girls were found dancing in the woods by a Puritan minister named Reverend Parris and they have caused people to be hanged during the Salem Witch Trials. Since Abigail Williams is motivated by her lust/love for John Proctor, her decision to consistently lie creates crisis and causes people to be hanged by the end of the play.        Abigail lies to cover up her affair with John Proctor, and to prevent charges of witchcraft because she doesn’t want to get punished for adultery. Abigail moves the spotlight away from herself by accusing others of witchcraft. She then uses this as her power to get what she wants. Abigail falsely accuses Tituba of witchcraft and shows that good and innocent people are accused and convicted by those who are selfish. Abigail says “sometimes I wake and find myself standing in the open doorway and not a stitch on my body! I always hear her laughing in my sleep. I hear her singing her Barbados songs and tempting me with…” John Hale then accuses Tituba of compacting with the devil and Tituba replies with “I don’t compact with no devil!”Abigail used to be a servant at the Proctor’s house but was discharged because she had an affair with John Proctor. Abigail is very manipulative and when she wants something, she goes after it. Abigail wants to take Elizabeths place as Johns wife so she falsely gives her name because she wants her dead. If you get caught for adultery, you get punished and hanged. Abigail had to lie and falsely accuse Elizabeth for witchcraft so she could be with John.    Every chance Abigail gets, she always chooses to lie rather than tell the truth and so the lies just spiral into big ones and create a crisis. She lies about the needle in her stomach, claiming that Elizabeth’s “spirit” was stabbed into her when everyone knows that she’s just crazy and stabbed herself…


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