In conclusion, although awareness
of the medical advantages of coconut and palm oils is becoming progressively
known, numerous Ghanaians still consider them as unhealthy absorbed fats since
the negative saturated fat movements that have conquered for quite a long time.
Healthcare experts, especially dieticians and nutritionists have important
parts to play in teaching customers on a general good diet, and that
incorporates the right consumption of these oils.

            Palm and coconut oils have striking nutritious
and functional properties that can be utilized to the benefit of the developing
countries like Ghana. Coconut
oil has been shown to possibly protect coronary disease but a wide assortment
of endless medical issues including diabetes and cancer as well to avoid and
even treat infectious diseases, however, knowledge about coconut oil has been
kept buried in medical journals because of a general bias against saturated
fats. Coconut oil is
rich in medium chain soaked unsaturated fats (lauric acid) which enables them
to be specifically absorbed from the digestive tract and sent straight to the
liver to be quickly used for energy production. Coconut oil is very effective
against a variety of lipid-coated viruses such as visna virus.  

in Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security

Fats and oils are concentrated types
of vitality. Fats and oils in the daily eating routine are accessible to the
body as fatty acids. Unsaturated fats contrast from each other in two ways—in
chain length and in the degree of saturation. 
Saturated fats consist of fatty acids whose carbon chain is immersed
with hydrogen. Monounsaturated fatty acids are unsaturated fats that fails to
have a pair of hydrogen atoms on their carbon chain. Polyunsaturated fatty
acids need at least two or more pairs of hydrogen atoms on their carbon chain. Palm
oil which is acquired from the mesocarp of the palm fruit. When fat is eaten, it
should first be processed before it can be captivated through the intestinal
wall. The duration of
fat digestion and absorption rely upon the length of the unsaturated fat chain.
The moderate absorption of fat allows for a steady release of energy so that
there is no requirement for the liver and fat tissue to synthesize fat.

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and Coconut Oils in Perspective

            Coconut oil and palm oil have been
marked as unhealthy highly saturated fats. The consumption of the two have been
said to elevate the level of blood cholesterol, leading to the increasing risk
of coronary heart disease. This has diminished the consumption in West Africa
and they have substituted coconut oil and palm oil for imported vegetable oils.
Current evidence shows some beneficial impacts of these oils especially their
parts in nutrition, health, and national development. There is a necessity for
better comprehension of their effects on health, nutritional status, and
national development. This paper tries to survey the parts which coconut and
palm oils play in developing countries, as a method of support for a return to
their use in local diets.

Coconut Oil and Palm Oil’s Role in


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