In the United States alone, 10 Billion dollars a year are
paid for the pesticides. Even though in agriculture, pesticides are normally
profitable, crop losses still occur. An example of this would be from 1945 to
2000. During this time there was a 10-fold insecticide increase, the percentage
has raised from 7% to 13% for the crop losses. If Pesticide use was terminated


The largest price that is being paid due to the utilization
of presides is human pesticide poising. In the United States, approximately
300,000 cases of human pesticide poising arise every year. All around the world,
the use 3 million tons of presides causes 26 million cases of human pesticide poisoning
that are fortunately non-fatal. 3 million of the 27 million cases of human pesticide
poisoning have to be hospitalized. Out of the 3 million hospitalizations, 220,000
of those are fatal. There are also about 750,000 chronic illnesses. The chronic
illnesses that you can receive from pesticide poising is respiratory and
reproductive effects, neurological effects, and cancer.


The great
lakes have prodigious amounts of resources for the human population not only in
the great lakes basin, but all over the United states and Canada. The great
lakes act as a clean water resource, Agriculture, thermoelectric power,
Shipping, Recreation, and hydroelectric power.


The great lakes
are a huge water resource for the great lakes basin. Tens of billions of
gallons are taken from the great lakes daily to be used. They do this in order
to fulfil the water supply needs. Homes, schools, offices, businesses and industrial
facilities.  One of major plastic water
bottle manufacturers in Canada is called Nestle Canada. Nestle Canada has a
permit for 5 years with the government of Ontario. This permit allows them to
extract as much as 1.1 million liters of liters daily. They would extract the
water from the ground in an area in Ontario near a town called Hillsborough. Millions
upon millions of people entirely rely on the ground water in the great lakes
basin. This is not only in the rural areas but in the urban areas as well. Ground
water is not only paramount to the people depending on it, it is also paramount
to the ecosystem of the great lakes. This is because it refills

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agriculture in the great lakes region is very successful. It contains corn,
dairy, grain, and raising livestock. The agriculture is thriving in these
regions because of glaciation. This is because when the glaciers started to
melt around 18,000 years ago, sediment was deposited in and around the areas of
the great lakes. This made the soil very fertile.


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