In the
modern age of digital technology, the security system is one of the important
topics. First, what do we understand the word ‘security system’? Security means
the degree of defense against damages, risk, loss and crime 1. It is a form
of protection structures and processes. A security system provides us a form of
protection that ensures the safety and security of the assets when you are at
the home or out of the home.


Most of
the security systems available in current, needed wiring, expensive, complex
mechanism, bulky sized and many other problems 2. Hence, an easy and
comprehensive portable and simple security system should be developed to fill
up those loophole gaps. The implementation of this paper is to provide the user
a security box which is cheap in price, low weight. The system alerts the user
through SMS instantly when someone opens the box before the given time.


main focuses of this security system are to providing security when the user is
away from home or his working places. In GSM mobile technology SMS (Short Messaging
Service) is a technique that can perform anywhere whenever it needed 3. As
the message can send quickly, accurately and at a low cost, so here chose the
GSM module. Reasons for choosing GSM module are, GSM technology take input
signal from machineries to output message on device 5. That means that after
detection of any intrusion GSM module will active. In the system, SMS facility
will be very effective, where information or alert message sent by the GSM
module and those information or alert message received by the user. Home
security system are different types like sensor-related home security, keypad based
security, Figure print, Palmprint and so much 4. But after so many research I
chose GSM based home security because it is better than the other all as it is
easy to install and having a very low cost. Besides wireless technology is used
and very popular to control home security systems instead of wired topological


the owner of the box away from the home or industry, all the sensors are
activated by switching on the Security system. Whenever an intruder tries to
open the box before the time owner set then the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
sensor will activate and make an alert sound using the buzzer and at the
meantime send an SMS to the owner of that box using the GSM module. Seeing the
SMS, the owner understand that someone tries to open her box. On the other
hand, after the fixed time (user set the time before closing the box) the box
will automatically open. Here, Arduino Uno controls all the system. The concept
is easy and the security system is new, unique and more reliable than other
automatic security systems. Also, this system is portable, easy to install,
reasonable price and can be used in any environment.

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