In life not everything is not going to go smoothly. In history there has been multiple accounts of that. For example back in the day white settlers were pushing west very rapidly and this caused conflict between the whites and native Americans. Now sometimes they got along and sometimes they didn’t, but there is nothing wrong with that because it’s life and not everything is going to go as planned. But in this case when I was reading from chapter 13 in our textbooks they did not get along in this case. They didn’t get along because they did not agree on owning land, arguing that the whites forfeited their land, and the native Americans thought that owning land and having jobs would give them a higher seating then them           The first interaction they had was a agreement on land. This is when tribes and setters all are in one area of land together and have arguments on the land in general. This includes arguments about who gets how much land, who gets what side, and who has more or less. The native Americans already being their first they probably had majority of the land just to themselves so they may not be comfortable with giving up some of the land. Another conflict that they could have had was the white settlers being too aggressive with coming to them about land and sharing it with them. Or maybe the Indians had too many people and then they all end up being bunched up or vice versa.          The second interaction they had was that the native Americans had gave up their land because they did not want to improve it. This could mean that when the whites got to the land and it wasn’t in the best conditions and the native Americans wanted nothing to do with improving it so they simply gave it up. The conditions could have been so bad that they didn’t even want to try  and fix it so then the whites probably thought if they improve the land that they should get majority of the rights to the land.          The third interaction they had was “claiming” the land, and working. The native Americans did not believe in claiming land so this is what really caused all conflicts because the whites believed in claiming land, and starting a land would give them a better position then the native Americans. The native Americans did not agree with them and the whites got a head start of getting jobs and everything they believed in.          Native Americans did not see eye to eye with the whites because they both thought that they were so bad but from reading the chapter it does not say anything about deaths or everything I still think that this was a negative interaction because neither of them could come to a agreement As I continued to read it says that the government got involved between this situation so I think that it was more mutually because the government was a mediator between the two. There was really no injustice in this situation.


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