In circle, simply doing the same things over

In this life, we will meet many
people, those of different religions than you, those who speak a different
language, who are culturally live differently, or simply have different
beliefs. Many people in today’s society are closed off to the idea of hearing
what others have to say or accepting different views, but societies are now getting more and more
open. Therefore people are getting more open minded too. Keeping an open mind
allows for growth by learning from mistakes, participating more and interacting
more in society.

            Everything in our life begins and ends with how we approach the
things we encounter on a daily basis. If our mind is closed, we reject or miss
out on so many incredible opportunities to learn and grow as human beings. We
live our lives in a circle, simply doing the same things over and over again,
day after day. If we do not make an effort to experience new things or carry on
new tasks our minds will never be set free. But when we see, hear or experience
something unfamiliar, our subconscious mind in less than a second renders
judgment upon it, due to it being new. One has to be knowledgeable that slowing
things down gives our minds the ability to be opened and take in this new
information. We are then able to act on these thought and determine if they
will be useful or of value to us.

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            Everyone may not have the same views
on specific topics but those who are open-minded have the ability to adapt to
any circumstances or situations and generate a positive outcome. In many
communities there are two groups of people that just do not seem to see eye to
eye on certain topics, these are the younger people of the area and the older
senior citizens in the community. The older people of the area are deemed old
fashioned, and are not willing to change the customs they have put in place.
While on the other hand the youth of the community are innovative and always
striving to induce change. Some older folks can be extremely close-minded due
to the certain ideologies they grew up with their whole life. For example
someone who is sixty years old or older will actively remember when black
people were segregated and the government, and society said that this was okay.
So, with that in mind it makes sense that racism might be deeply ingrained in
their heads.

            I think the most amazing thing about
having an open mind is that, when you have an open mind, limitless
possibilities spread out in front of you. Instead of only being open to
knowledge that confirms your beliefs, you are open to all kinds of knowledge,
regardless of any kind of bias. You may not accept the knowledge as something
you believe, but at least you are open to hearing about it. This is another way
open mindedness can bring people together. When we are all educated, and can share
our points of view on issues – though they may be different – we can gain so
much from it.

Once you learn about other people’s beliefs and ideas, you
can begin to question your own beliefs to find who you are and what you believe
in. Open mindedness is a characteristic that develops character. It involves
acknowledging, but not necessarily accepting, and questioning, but not
necessarily rejecting. In my mind, to be open-minded is to be sure of yourself
and of your beliefs. When you are flexible in your beliefs and ideas, you can
be flexible in your life and really become a citizen of the world.