In Theory and practice of leadership by Peter G. Northouse suggested that leadership behavior can depend on the individual attributes, competencies, and leadership outcomes that are needed to solve different issues in group, organization or any leadership position held.  The skills-based model of leadership is focusing on the implication of the leader’s skills to the performance.  This model describes the understanding of leader’s performance in considering both skills and knowledge that are required for the expression and development of them over a period of time. It also, shows that for the leader to be successful, they need to fully understand the problem, work with the group they lead to discuss and try to find possible solutions. This model focuses on leader’s individual capabilities in solving problems and it suggests that viable solutions are taken when leaders work together with people in the organization. Besides, it teaches how to make effective leadership in organization which will help workers improve their capabilities of leadership through training and experiences.

The model makes sense for me as it shows that skills and knowledge can be measured in leader’s performances.  Followers sometimes need to understand how strong their leader is, but with the skills-based model, it is really easy to examine it based on how a leader responds, corporate, involve in solving a certain problem.  Next, this model shows a good leader should have different skills to make a unique contribution to problem-solving as the leader’s skills are sometimes related to their characteristics and also, it examines the strengths and the weakness of a leader in an organization. The leaders get opportunity to evaluate themselves and work on their weaknesses.

The confusion is when this model is mainly focusing on leadership skills while it does involve traits, yet it claims not to have traits in. The individual attributes which is mostly similar like traits doesn’t really explain the difference between skills and traits. According to some critics on this skills model, people claim that individual attributes is traits driven. Thus, it is hard to only have skills-based model without involving some traits.

Besides, the other models were focusing on leaders should work on influences on society, yet this model does not only focus on leader’s influence, it also shows the capabilities they should have to fully corporate with behaviors needed at a certain situation. It shows that leader’s influence is from performance and interaction with the environment. Since this model starts with individual attributes to the leadership outcomes. The leadership skills develop with the career experiences as a leader passes through different environmental problems. I believe that being involved in addressing people’s problem improves the experience; thus, the leader’s experience increase as long he/he maintain a strong relationship with the environment. The environmental interaction of a leader gives the opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills which also helps them to understand the weakness.

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