In the 1990s there used to be corporate governance from that IT governance has come.  IT governance is nothing but a combination of objective and the business goals and IT management of a company. IT governance is nothing but to portray the overseeing and managing of data innovation inside an association. It is a structure that guarantees your association’s IT foundation bolsters and empowers the accomplishment of corporate procedures and targets and contrasts from IT administration in that IT governance is a system that guarantees administration is fruitful and dangers are recognized and properly controlled. IT governance planning has three different types of implementation like COBIT , ITIL then there is ISO 27002.Introduction COBIT(Control Objective for Information and Related Technologie) is nothing but a IT governance framework which actually helps in automating a business or combining with the IT management.COBIT 5 was released in 2012, is the most recent emphasis of COBIT and joins the administration exercises of ISO 38500 and other ISACA structures. In 2005, the European Commission chose COBIT as one of three universally acknowledged norms to be utilized to give data security and control over its paying offices, expecting them to choose COBIT as the reason for their data frameworks security.COBIT AN IT GOVERNANCE PLANNING FRAMEWORK                                                3                                 The main advantage of COBIT is all types of business small and big can follow this model.Few advantages are as followsEnhance and keep up astounding data to help business choices. Utilize IT in such a way to accomplish business objectives. Utilize innovation to advance operational perfection. Asure IT  risk is overseen viably. Guarantee ROI on its consumption administrations and innovation. Accomplish consistence with laws, controls and legally binding agreements.COBIT 5 is a vital point of reference  for the governance association’s IT, empowering organizations to streamlining their endeavors by executing a solitary association structure. In the event that an organization is simply beginning then COBIT 5 helps in mapping a guide for a most optimized plan for its fast growth.


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