In Section V of Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ most important points are that we, as
Catholics, have the responsibility to care for our earth and the people that
live on it, and that love, both civic and political, is always present in the
actions that better our world. Pope Francis says that it is our duty to love
and help our earth and one another, and society must no longer focus on social
issues but on the care for our environment and how to help and protect the earth.
Love is both public and political, and it is present when we perform actions to
help and protect our earth. When we use social love to strive for the common
good, we are affecting all relationships in society, including individual and
social, political, and economic relationships. According to Pope Francis in Laudato Si, “social love moves us to
devise larger strategies to halt environmental degradation and to encourage a
“culture of care” which permeates all of society” (Laudato Si, Chapter Six, 231). To make society focus more on
protecting and helping the environment, social love must be valued and
encouraged so that more people will strive for the common good and help protect
the earth. This section has taught me that since I may not be called to
directly engage in changing society or politics, I can still make an impact in
my community by encouraging the members of my community to strive for the common
good and to protect the environment. I can do this by bringing my community
together to restore one of our local parks and plant more trees in that park.
This will bring my community together, show my community that we are living
together in a home that God gave us to protect, strengthen our relationship as
a community, and teach my community about protecting and helping our
environment and all of God’s creation.

In Section
VI of Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ most important points are about the importance
of the Eucharist, and the importance of our participation in the Eucharist and
the celebration of rest each Sunday. In the Eucharist, creation is given its
greatest praise, and with the Eucharist, fullness is already attained and it is
full of love and life. The Eucharist connects heaven and earth, and it contains
all of God’s creation. In the
Eucharist, “creation is projected towards divinization, towards the holy
wedding feast, towards unification with the Creator himself”.167 (Laudato Si,
Chapter Six, 236). Therefore, the Eucharist is the foundation of light and
encouragement for our protection of the environment and it guides us to become
guardians of all of God’s creation. Sunday is extremely important for Catholics
because it is when we receive the Eucharist, and it is a day of rest and for
healing our relationships with God, our earth, and with the people around us.
The rest on each Sunday is not an unproductive rest because it allows us to think
about our actions of the week and how we can change to help others. According
to Pope Francis in Laudato Si, “Rest opens our eyes to the
larger picture and gives us renewed sensitivity to the rights of others. And so
the day of rest, centered on the Eucharist, sheds it light on the whole week,
and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor” (Laudato Si, Chapter Six, 237). Rest is
necessary to reflect and prepare ourselves for the week ahead of us and to think
of our actions, how they have affected others, and how we can act to help
others and our environment. This section has encouraged me to attend Sunday
Mass more often and actually rest on Sunday instead of stressing out about
schoolwork or other activities. I truly need to contemplate and think about my
actions and how my actions have affected others. I also need to think about my
week ahead of me and try to help those in need and help protect my environment.
I can act to protect my environment by recycling more and taking quicker
showers to reduce the amount of water I use. I need to attend Mass more often so
that I can receive the Eucharist and be motivated to protect my environment and
help others. 


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