In Germany, there is
a lot of population movement which effects the number of the population as well
as the structure (age, gender, education, etc.) 
Germany has become one of the most important country of immigration in
Europe after the second world war, especially through the “immigration workers”
(1060-1970). Major part of foreigners who migrant to and from Germany have
their origin in Europe countries. Greece, Spain and Italy got hit hard by economics,
so they took a huge advantage of the job opportunities in Germany. A lot of
people migrate into Germany for these advantages to improve their lifestyle,
although, a large amount of them are immigrants, who are forced to come to
escape war.


            Germany set a new immigration record
in 2008. In 2008, they had 175,000 immigrants. However, within a year they were
already starting to decrease. In 2009 they had 155,00 and in 2010 they had
141,000. The immigrants who migrated into Germany in 2009 were about 31.6 years
old for women and 34 years for men (at an average). The immigrants were very
young compared to the original Germans who were about 45.4 years old for women
and 42.3 years for men (at an average). The population started to decrease in
2009 because the Germans were getting old and there were less of the younger
generation. Therefore, the population depends on the migration balance because
the birth rate is declining.


            Although there are many people who
have been migrating into Germany there are still many people who are emigrating
out of Germany. 2/3 of Germans are emigrating from Germany. For example, from
1991-2010 about 14 million people from all over immigrated into Germany, while
only 11 million people emigrated out of Germany. Unfortunately, more than 1.5
million Germans have left Germany during the past decade and many of them were
highly educated.


            In result of the war in Syria,
Germany’s population increased majorly. The applicants included 268,566
Syrians, 127,892 afghans, and 97,162 Iraqis. But only about 60% of applications
are being accepted (De Maiziere), that is only a little amount of the people
who tried to leave. At least 363, 348 people sailed the sea, but according to
the reporter, an additional 5,079 people were killed or are missing.

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            The war in Syria caused many people
to migrate into Germany, for example the first 7 months in 2015, received “Migrants
and refuges aren’t coming because they believe their lives will be rescued at
sea once they leave Africa or Syria or wherever conflicts drive people to seek
safely.” Swing said, “They’re leaving because they believe their lives will be
doomed if they stay. (John Bacon).


            Germany is allowing many people to
come into Germany although it may cause economic effects. A German official
said that the country can sustain up to 500,000 or more asylum-seekers every
year, because of this comment many, many people countries where war has
happened across the Middle East and Africa are quickly going to Europe to chase
the promise of a better life. It is estimated that by the end of 2015 Germany
expects to receive 800,000 refugees and migrants which would cost a lot, as
much as 10 billion euros. Next year it is estimated by the German Officials
that as many as 469,000 more people could be permitted to social benefits. Germany
has a big history of foreigners representing a net positive for the country’s
economy. The 6.6 million people living in Germany with foreign passports paid
$4,127 more in taxes and social security (on an average) than they took in
social benefits in 2012 according to Claire Groden. Germany is hoping that this
overflow of refugees could result in a similar economic gain.


            Germany and the people within it
have mixed feelings about all the refuges and immigrants who are migrating into
their country. For example, “We will profit from this, too, because we need
immigration,” German Labor Minister Andrea Nahles said. “The people who come to
us as refugees should be welcomed as neighbors and colleagues.” (Claire

Demographics in
Germany takes the blame for part of Germany’s foundation for allowing hundreds
of thousands of migrants. Germany has one of the world’s most speedily aging
and shrinking population in all of the world. Germany has a very low birth
rate, therefore it has to reply on immigration to fill up the jobs that the
older original Germans can not do. According to one of the educated writers quoted
in Deutsch Welle last year, The German economy needs to attract 1.5 million
skilled migrants to stabilize the state pension system as more original Germans


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