Improvements in the
society by technology:




            Technology is having high role in
our usual life. Technology


contribution to the
society making lots of improvements to our modern live in


Several ways. While
some people think as technology is uncontrollable and we

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also experience
negative sides of it in our regular life’s. There are important aspects


in technology are essential
more like education, healthcare, research and


advanced life are
analyzed and found the effects are favorable in improvement


on human life.




            Technology contribution is made the teaching
field very advanced,


That provide students  to have the knowledge and study material


than past. It also
gave comfort for students to learn and find out new things


in their educational field.
For example the classes using internet and projectors 


helped the scholars in
learning subjects more practically. The computers are another


form of technology in studies
to be more advanced situations. Also using computer


labs in education will
help students learn the expertise to work in any type of work


environment in their
career. The computers even help the teachers with more accurate


 information about the subject for the knowledge
to connect it with more true


scenarios. And the
equipment, that is invented in recent past, which are element of the


technology, is very
helpful in the


research scholars.




            Healthcare is another area where
technology stimulated major role and the


People need to be
thankful for that.  Harmful deceases,
which are death threatening


in the world, now easy
to be dealt with the help of progressed equipment and


the Medicare. The
surgeries like heart, kidney and liver replacements are


possible with the help
of  scientific knowledge unlike past days
where these are


impossible to even
think about. Medical researches are still in process to find


medicines for diseases
like Aids and Cancer with the help of technology.




             Technology has improved our communication
system by using


telephones, mobile,
Internet, social networking. The communication


Something which makes very
large impact on our daily life. Unlike before we have


electronic devices
with us, through which we do our communication quick


and productive, for
example Facebook, Whatsapp, and Email etcc. Every


Improvement in
security systems in our society is a main result of technology


that is very
important. Emergency contact numbers and the equipment’s used


In the emergency conditions
are invented and operated through technology. 


House alarm systems
are perfect example for the technology improvement in the


daily life as it gives
safety to the world. Also technology developed to help


us at home in the form
of  cooking, Vacuum and laundry etc,
where we


could save our time to
spend for work, study etc.




            All technologies developed human lives
to the extraordinary


Levels. The benifits
of technology also command the negative side of it.  We could


clearly say that the
technology is controllable and  we can
easily see how it


helps strengthen the
society in different fields. Advances in medicines improve the  


health of the people
and help them live longer, and other new technologies help


socity lives better
quality of life.


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