The Importance of Voting ; Close Election Facts

The author’s opinions about why voting in elections is important with some examples of the most-famous examples of close elections In U. S. history. Why is It important to participate in the democratic process by voting? That’s an interesting question with several different ways in which to answer it. Voting is the foremost way to exhibit good citizenship and civil responsibility. First, voting in free elections is a right that should not be taken lightly.

Millions of people in the united States and around the world have fought and even died for the seemingly simple right to vote. should their sacrifices Just fade away Into some distant memory? voting is a patriotic act and everyone should participate. By voting, a person conveys that sense of patriotism that he/she cares enough about the direction of the country to exercise the power available to millions and millions of people to make their voices heard. Second. no matter how much a person feels their single vote does not count, hey are dead wrong.

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In the mayoral election In Ann Arbor in 1977, the outcome was decided by a single, solitary vote. As another example, John F. Kennedy won the Presidential election of 1960 by as small a margin as one vote per election district in 12 states, If every person believes that his or her vote doesn’t matter, the sheer volume of non-voters will destroy the democratic process. Third, voting is the principle means of a representative government. The Framers left the future of the country in the hands of its citizens.

How can a government be representative if roughly 45-50 percent of eligible voters don’t vote? This makes a government only representative to half of the country. In conclusion, everyone should recognize the importance of voting and act accordingly. Rather than Just sit back and complain when something the government does Isn’t In your best Interest, get out and vote and make a difference. Eligible voters who refuse to do so have absolutely no right to complain when they did nothing at all to protect their Interests when they have that exact power.